Thursday, April 3, 2008


I thought it fitting to wait on Ryland's birthday post for 2 WEEKS, since he made me WAIT that long after his due date to arrive! It was so anti-climatic to pass my due date that far!(My babies always 'show' big on the ultrasounds, so it could have been recorded a bit early, BUT NOT that much however!!!) I was in labor on and off all when his induction morning arrived, it made for a SUPER FAST labor (3.5 hours)--thus the reason I got what I had always wanted- a medicine free labor/delivery (I even sent the anesthesiologist into surgery knowing there was no backing out) I will NEVER do that choice! Ryland was very much anticipated for many reasons. He is our only baby that we really have 'planned' and 'tried' for. His pregnancy also followed a miscarriage. We were ready and waiting when he arrived!
Ryland was my most beautiful baby upon arrival. OF COURSE all my babies are beauty BUT he was not all smashed and old "manish"looking, and did not have a HUGE HEAD like the rest! However, he did come out with a scowl--and it was a 'sign' what our first year was going to be like!
Ryland was named (middle name) after my father-KENT. My father has always been one of my heroes, and since we were only making was time for a family name from my side! I hope he has all the strong and wonderful traits of my dad!
Colton and Sterling could not have been any more tender or accepting of a new little brother. I always worried that Ryland would be a third wheel, since Colton and Sterling were only 16 months apart...and here he was coming 2.5 years after Sterling. It has been the opposite!! Sterling and Ryland have been little buddies and partners in crime since Colton has taken off for school. Colton and Ryland play well together and rarely other combos DO NOT!
We were so happy to have another boy to complete our starting five basketball team. I never thought of myself as a "boy" mom, but Ryland solidified that fact, and I find myself LOVING raising boys. In fact, after Dacie I feel more comfortable in that role! Bring on the boys!!
Ryland continued to grow and be the fairest of them all...but as the "honeymoon" began to wear off ...
sleep became a SERIOUS ISSUE. He never went more than 45 minutes without a high pitch scream! He was a great nurser and so that meant I LIVED in a rocking chair day and night. It all started turning into one, big blur
We took an hour at a time until 4.5 months when I began to wonder if there was something medically wrong, that we could not see with him (since both of his older brothers had required series of surgeries, it would make sense). After consulting with pediatricians, and his constant flow of milk coming out of his mouth, and the tapering off in his weight gain...we went to see the pediatric GI specialist at around 6 months. They put him 'asleep' and discovered that he did ,indeed, have a severe case of infant GERD. They gave me medicine to heal his 'torn up' esophagus and then started me on the blessed medicine of prevacid. It was not immediate relief, but between that and solid food it became manageable. More than 45 minutes of sleep at a time and a baby that did not just wail and scream constantly was improvement--
The only reason I tell this LONG story, is this consumed a majority of his first year of life and MINE. I knew little else. BUT as with all things, the things you serve the most are the things you love the dearest. I LOVE him dearly and I would call our relationship close.

Ryland's love language is physical touch-he is most receptive to hugs, cuddles, name it! He is our ONLY child that will sit on our lap in church through all of sacrament, just to be close to us, and Dacie willing! If he is ever punished he quickly runs to us and says, hug me, or hold me! He will give you a kiss at any time, regardless if you just got mad at him. He LOVES getting and giving butterfly and eskimo kisses-he would play that 'game' all day long if I could.
Ryland had such a pleasant personality when he was not in pain and it has just BLOSSOMED! He is tender and kind, thoughtful and sensitive.
Because he was such a great nurser I think he has been my only pacifier accepting baby as well. I was so absolutely desperate for sleep, I would 'jerry rig' his pacifier so it would stay in his mouth. I tied ribbons behind his ears to hold it in place, and taped it to a stuffed beanie baby to hold it in!!! His addiction is predominantly his parents fault! I had to wean him at a year from nursing AND we still have ,yet, to wean him from a night-time pacifier (I know I know--one thing at a time)
He is the child that looks most like me! FINALLY...since the Sorensen genes are strong and masculine (ha ha-thank heavens their hotties!) If you take my pictures at his age ,now, and compare, just add some more hair to Ryland and it is me!
Ryland also wants something and then does not want something...instantaneously. That is me as well! I had issues with bottles and cribs when I was little and then commitments when I was older! Poor boy!
Ryland has always had angelic features with white hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. His personality can be angelic as well! When he stares into your eyes with his baby blues it melts your heart AND I have to be careful NOT to give him anything he wants!

Ryland is also the comical, humorous one! He will do anything to elicit laughs from his brothers, or anyone for that matter. He just does things to be plain funny sometimes (look at pictures below)

You rarely see him without a smile now!
He is also the one we have to keep a SUPER close eye on!
He is our inquisitive one (a nice way of saying getting into trouble, doing naughty things). I have always had these kind of incidents in my home, but he seems to initiate, or not think twice as opposed to others I have experienced! He is the one I caught in the backseat of the car dry-shaving with Dan's razor, He is also the one that painted the side of our house with exterior RED paint, he is also the one that just re-upholstered our new car interior w/ permanent marker, or lets see, he also poured all his bubbles into the washing machine, and just killed our baby chick by throwing it in the air! hmmmm...I don't do a very good job with keeping my eyes on him huh?

He has a 'sweet' tooth like his father. Ryland enjoys sugary candy like sweet tarts, jolly ranchers, pixie sticks,smarties, skittles etc. not chocolate so much. He also LOVES spicy things and tangy, sour flavors. He lays off the carbs and prefers the protein-MEAT. He is also our only kid that will eat green salad.
Ryland was our quickest to crawl and climb up bookshelves and windows. He was the first to eat real people food. His vocabulary advanced more quickly as well. He plays better with his brothers friends, then kids his own age. Ryland is just a mature spirit and physically mature as well. He is potentially athletic, with his speed and arm (you can never really tell right now). He also toilet trained the quickest (2 hard days and 3 at that)! However, Ryland has been the last to grow hair (he has been our only baldy baby) and learn his colors!
He is the tallest of the bunch. ALL our boys are off the height chart and weight chart, BUT Ryland has them beat in HEIGHT when they were his age. He is, however, the skinniest and everything LONG enough FALLS OFF!

Ryland is sweet and gentle most of the time and would hardly ever hurt someone on purpose. He is slow to hurt other kids (i.e. hit when he does get a toy)

HE LOVES holidays and having a place to go, or a party to be at, regardless who it is for, and who is going to be there. If it is fun he is in!
Oh- how I have enjoyed watching him grow and his spirit. I LOVE what comes out of his mouth almost daily---he says the darnedest things! (like yesterday when he did not get something he was wanting-he was crying and telling me how his heart was broken into two pieces!)
I CANNOT imagine our family without him. We anticipated his arrival and now I know why. Our lives are more complete, happy, progressing, watchful, and loving because he has joined them!
In his short three years of life I have learned so much from him and received so much from him I cannot wait to share a lifetime with my 'wittle' man!
Happy 3rd Birthday Ryland Kent Sorensen!


RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Hey, I think Ava and Ryland are the same age! I too just did a post about Ava.

Your boys are so cute. I like the picture in the pumpkin patch - way way cute!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

what cute pictures of a cute kid! I loved the undies one & St. Patty's day. He's going to DIE when he sees those as a teenage boy! =) Happy (belated) Birthday Ryland!

mjs ashworth said...

All of the pictures are so cute! I bet when he gets you mad that little smile melts your heart!

Angie said...

My favorites are the feet-on-the-bball and the rooster pictures.

He's getting so old!

I was very sad after I read the chick post. Sniff.

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

happy birthday to ryland! he is SUCH a sweetie! we love him!
youare the cutest mom doing all these birthday posts...i hope you're saving this stuff...

Dawn said...

Aunt Kerri will be so happy! She has been waiting and waiting for you to post Ryland's birthday tribute! What can I say?! You did a fantastic job as usual on your tribute...what a sweetheart he is! And it is extra special to me that I was actually there when he was born! I also cannot imagine our family without him! Happy belated birthday with much love from your Grandma S!

Carca said...

I really enjoy your blog...your posts are sweet and hilarious!!!!