Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week Synopsis 4/14-4/20

MONDAY 4/14- Dacie started folding her arms for the prayer at dinner and it solicited allot of attention-to which she promptly claps at herself. She has done it continually throughout the week during prayers-LOVE it!
We decided to serve daddy today and take him lunch at work. Problem being is, Dacie has a scream you can hear OUTSIDE of the car while she is inside. As we were driving off and the back door to Dan's office was open, she let out a real good yelp (because she wanted to stay with daddy)-Dan's patients got a real good laugh about that one. I am glad it is humorous to someone!
I also pulled out Ryland's summer clothes and packed away his winter. Clothes is and ABSOLUTE full-time job for me...especially with all the boys different size bodies and seasons. Trying them on, packing them up and FINDING a place for all of them-whew! If I knew we were done having children and what sex, I would sell or give away some serious space in our home.
For FHE it was a game night-it has been a long time coming. We played Disney's scene it and Ryland and I won coming in from behind-wahoo! Of course the kids cried and cried about going to bed, I wonder why?

TUESDAY 4/15- I went and volunteered in Colton's class. The past two years the teachers have deemed me as helpful with art, so they give me an idea and I try to make it happen on paper. It lets me fulfill my creative side-ha ha, if you can call it that. Colton is always proud to bring home projects his mom helped out with.

We also were back to aerobics and Pilate's today (we ONLY missed one day of working out this week, and the scales ARE my friend!). My body is getting more use to it.

We got a babysitter that evening so that Dan could take the boys to their t-ball game and I could go to another wards enrichment and do a shorter presentation of the five love languages (that I did around Valentines for our ward). I got to wear my heels and silky shirt!I feel like it went well and it was fun to be back in my old ward--we were sharing our wedding experiences and pictures. Dan took the boys to dairy queen after their game as a special treat. The kids at home were in heaven, as it was one of our favorites babysitting (Sarah Westover). My kids beg for babysitters. Does this say much about me?

The tooth fairy came that night (as we were awakened at 5:30am to be told the news of this blessed event) Sterling had his second loose tooth and wiggled it right out of his mouth-blood and all, in bed. Pretty brave considering the way his brother treats loose teeth!

WEDNESDAY 4/16- We had a play outside kind of day. After working out in the a.m I picked up Colton from a half day of school and Sterling from preschool and we headed over to a friends house for playgroup. It was a windy bounce house, pizza party day. We ALWAYS have fun at the Williams home-they have another perfect kid yard and always spoil us.It was nice to get the boys energy out with a half day at home. I am going to be pretty overwhelmed this summer with all these BIG busy bodies in the house all day.
After naps our yard turned into the neighborhood park. It happens often, but most of it is my doing as I really am uncomfortable w/ letting my kids go to others homes without knowing their parents well, and trampolines where we tend to get hurt without me watching carefully.
I had 13 kids in my yard at one point in the afternoon. It is not soo bad--they stay outside and keep my kids outside! HOWEVER-it makes our yard look a little trashed (white trash) after. I guess it makes it look like kids live here, they do? ha ha ha. I just hope no one gets hurt either (sad we have to think of these things now-a-days).
Dan went to basketball in the evening to play with the guys. I started reading the first book of the new popular vampire series--twilight (that I DID finish on Saturday)

THURSDAY 4/17- Went and worked out in the morning and got the kids all tuckered out (with help from the runny allergy noses that have appeared) AND they all went down for a nap at the same time! So I cleaned the floor, vacuumed the house, cut apple appetizers and got ready for our first girls camp meeting we were having at the house.

GIRLS camp has started and is under way! It is going to be super FUN (22 plus girls that we are working with)--BUT allot of prep before hand (sleepovers, kick-off's, t-shirt making, bow making.....). I am not sure Dan is really ready for we will give him the only info. he NEEDS to know!

The boys had a t-ball game that night. I sent them with daddy, with dinner in tupperwares to eat at the fields. It was a good way for Dan to unwind after work. I stayed home and cleaned and bathed the babes.

FRIDAY 4/18- It was bike day at preschool! After a CRAZY morning getting the boys to school late (on their account-we have been having a hard time of it lately, however-- I will go at it solo to have Dan in the evening) I FORGOT Sterling's bike helmet (they were not very pleased w/ me..what can I say? Too many kids? NEVER), so they let him borrow one-he has a HUGE noggin!
Colton brought home a balloon for getting so many points on his AR testing (a computerized reading comprehension test) with all his books he has been reading! Dacie quickly claimed the balloon as her own (so I told Colton we would get a picture of it). I guess that is to make up for the real yellow slip Colton brought home for the first time this week. I guess that is what you get when you go to reading groups with the vice principal and DON'T STOP talking with one of your best friends (that would be MY genes). He can be as bad as a girl sometimes.

Dan had a church basketball game that night, and I had a date with my new book!

SATURDAY 4/19- We did yard work, laundry, I cut Dan's hair and we watched the Phoenix Suns first disappointing play-off game. Then in the early evening we grabbed another babysitter and took Ryland on his monthly date with mom and dad (we take one kid with us on one of our dates each month-rotating the kids). We dropped by Wal-Mart to grab a wedding gift and pick up Ryland's 3-year portraits.Then we went to a wedding reception for a friend of ours in the ward, and let Ryland eat as much punch and cake as he wanted too. We wonder why one child was ever hard for us! Then we went on the church lawn and blew ALL the bubbles we just bought, and watched the sun set cuddled in a blanket. It was a peaceful moment that I will always treasure.
We came home to finish baths and get everything laid out for church the next day-We will NOT be late!
Sunday 4/20- We were LATE for church-aaaah! But, only into the first song--problem being, it is hard to squeeze six people into a row without making a scene. We waited until after sacrament to slide into the open row after the priesthood sat down w/ their families. We attempted naps--with all three boys getting up at one point or another, answering phones, Dacie waking up (as she is down to 1.5 hour nap a day), changing diapers, etc. I gave up on one and let Dan sleep. The boys are running around the room and whipping each other with blankets AFTER just getting in trouble for hitting each other with pillows, hmmmm. It is a beautiful evening and it is nice to watch as the horse back riders walk past our back window along the river, on the road behind us (we definitely live in the country) and the cooler breeze blows the temperatures down a bit. Life is good!


THE ORMES said...

Come on; the Suns 1st Playoff game was wonderful . . . at least Tom and I (and everyone else here in San Antonio) enjoyed it. :)

Looks like you had a busy week (as always). I just don't know how you do it!! Good luck with this week.

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

i love your blog! so rylands 3 year portraits are adorable...he is so cute. and i think he kinda looks like clint in a couple. no?

The Bargar Beauties said...

Okay Alicia, where are you getting the cute templates??

niki said...

You always have the greatest stories to tell of the week! I can't believe how big ryland and dacie are!!! Time flies!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

fun week in review! I LOVE Ryland's 3 yr old pics--he looks so angelic! Yay for Dacie folding arms--that's got to be sooo cute! You are going to be so fun for the girls at girl's camp--they'll be lovin' you as a leader! And how cool you'll get to work w' Nicole & Janae =)

Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

You want to go to girls camp? you realize it's a bunch of girls camping? I think I have a love/hate relationship with camp. I went last year, and I "get" to go again in June. I love the campfires and singing...but can't we do all that in a weekend? You really are too motivated!

jonesfamily said...

How cute are your kids??? And the clothes thing...I thought I had it bad with only 2 boys and almost no seasons! It seems like it's non-stop changing clothes for me, I can't imagine what it's like for you! All I have to say is thank goodness for thrift stores!

Dawn said...

I love the pictures of Ryland...he is such a cute kid. Gotta get to work or I'd write more. Too bad he's also good at thinking up things to keep mom busy! Love you all! MOM S

The Gordon Bunch said...

Alicia, you are the coolaid mom! How fun! I miss having Colton over. He is a great kid!! Those pictures of Ryland are awesome. He is so big!