Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week Synopsis Monday 4/7- Sunday 4/14

Warning: This Post contains NO PICTURES taken with my camera!! I cannot believe it--I was camera shy this week! BTW- Is anyone else having double spacing appear on their posts and funky fonts? MONDAY APRIL 7: The weather has been nice this week, not too hot and not too cold (except for today-getting too hot). I got a little ambitious to start our yard work and begin growing back our grass. We turned on the sprinkler system, only to find out that our drip line had a rock in the diaphragm and it would not let it shut off. After our front yard flooded one day..we called a plumber friend who fixed it in minutes, as well as our leaking water faucet out back (it has been having problems since we moved in!) I also mowed the lawn and weed whacked. I mowed over one of the drip line hoses that HAD been tucked under grass, but was not any more and ripped off the we had to replace that. The new lawn mower (bought last summer) was a little slow at starting, AND Dacie is not a huge fan of it AT ALL (even in the backpack). I guess I will not have my lawn mowing buddy like I did last year (her and I cut quite a few lawns together, especially when she was fussy, that seemed to soothe her). I got fired from weed whacking as it looked like a pretty bad hack job. I cannot quite figure out the angle and how it works. Just working out the cobwebs for a new growing season--
I probably shouldn't mention this, as it is a bad mommy moment, BUT Colton got a yellow slip at recess for saying the "F word". When the teacher asked him where he learned it from, he told her that his parents say it- the two things did not add up to the teacher so she asked what the word was- it was "FREAKIN". She told him to be careful with those kind of words because people mix them up, and then tore up the yellow slip-Colton was afraid she would call me, so I called her. I told her my family nick name for me is 'freaka' for that very reason...oops! Shut up is not OK in our house, but freaking is....double standard! I guess I should count myself as lucky, it could of been ALOT worse!
Family Home Evening was a lesson on the prophet and apostles. We talked about how in King Benjamin's day (from the Book of Mormon) they had to travel from far away and pitch their tents around a tower to hear him, only to not hear very well and then have to read it handwritten later on-as opposed to today where we can just turn on the TV and hear the prophet loud and clear. We shared some of our favorite talks from general conference.We ended with a game that helped us to remember the apostles, and first presidency's names. I have since found a song that I LOVE , to help them remember now (look on

TUESDAY APRIL 8: For Dan's terrific Tuesday he woke up at a regular time! Early morning seminary had been cancelled for 2 days for AIMS testing in the H.S. and he went grocery shopping! Our favorite FRY's grocery store was having serious sales this week-10 for 10 dollars. Our pantry is packed with fruit jars, goldfish, cookie mixes, chili, Gatorade, sloppy joe mix, Cheetos/Frito's snacks....and so on. You had to buy 10 to get the deal--so we are stocked!

Then we all piled in the car and went down to Phoenix to visit the dentist. It was time for the boys and I to get our 6 month cleaning...and Dan to get his temporary fillings filled. After 2 plus hours at the dentist with ALL of us-our teeth were clean. Colton was the ONLY one with serious problems, and a touch up check into a tooth for me! Colton and I cannot avoid it! Colton has lost another sick tooth that has to be pulled and metal spacer put in to guide in the permanent tooth, which will not arrive for awhile. He has two cavities to be filled. His mouth is WAY too crowded and some teeth are going to have to strategically be pulled to allow room for the permanent ones, as well as a bar contraption thing to hold the other teeth in place... as it is getting "hot in there"! Braces are a GUARANTEE--we are just buying more time and more permanent teeth making it in first. It is a good thing we are friends with the dentist and his assistant (grandma). IF ANYONE EVER NEEDS A PEDIATRIC DENTIST HE IS THE BEST!!! We all went home to lay the kids down for naps at Grnadma's and Dan went back for another 2 hours of fillings. Dan still has two more to finish up on later!! We should just live at the office!

I picked oranges and grapefruits in grandma's backyard while we waited for Grandma to come home, and then went to the park to eat before heading home. Dan was not planning on playing in his church basketball game BUT did...and I got pulled over by a cop in the process (check out the previous post before this weeks synopsis!)

WEDNESDAY APRIL 9: I answered phones for the Taylor and Sons Hauling all day, instead of the regular half day, because the owner/friend (Natalie)of mine was up checking out girls camp (since we got moved to smaller campsites). The phones were pretty busy. I decided to put the citrus from grandpa's trees to good use and found a recipe for homemade lemonade and orange/grapefruit jam. I was so excited to use our newly purchased juicer... so I busted out the juicer and wrecked the kitchen! The lemonade was delicious. It was my first time going solo on making jam (after learning for the first time last year), so I called my canning friend (Jeralyn Merwin) a few times for questions. I am proud to say the lids sealed BUT the jam did not "set". I put them in the freezer, and it works frozen, but I found out today it could take weeks to 'set up'. So I may pull out a few jars and give it a try in the pantry! We watched water horse and ate pizza in the living room that night, and Dan went and played basketball with some buddies up at the church after the munchkins were in bed.
THURSDAY APRIL 10: Instead of walking today with the Relief Society we started doing aerobics. Our clinical friends wife (Chelsea Jolly) is a certified instructor, so we are going to start using her while we have her (about 3 weeks). It kicked my trash!! I LOVE classes, but HATE not being able to go 'all-out' like I use to!

I also packed up all the kids that evening and went to the new ball fields for the boys first game (Dan was still at work). I LOVE the new fields--it makes allot more sense to the kids, when we used to play on a makeshift field at the elementary school. However, I DO NOT like the new stands. They are cement and really high between levels, as Ryland quickly found out. Everyone was staring at me while I was holding him sobbing (after THE FALL) and Dacie was shrieking because I had to set her down. I KNOW people were thinking-what was she thinking?!!! I was too, at that moment.

FRIDAY APRIL 11: This morning turned really busy. After getting the boys dressed, fed, lunches made, and to school. I had to make a cake for the preschool pizza dinner fundraiser they were holding that evening (that we were NOT going to attend) so that they could auction it off at the dessert auction. I also had to get a gift certificate made for the trash business as they were donating a dumpster to auction as well. This all had to be done before I went to workout with Chelsea Jolly an hour before I had to pick up Sterling. Chelsea is also a certified fitness trainer and is going to work with me and a friend (tara trezise) almost every day until she leaves. Of course, with myself and the other two kids to get ready I arrived late, and then was late picking up Sterling from preschool-are we surprised? We worked on legs and the "Relief Society" arms! I did not know my step for aerobics could be such a weapon for pain!

I had told the preschool that I was not going to attend the dinner that evening because Dan had to work until 6:30pm and it started at 5pm. I did not want another bleacher experience from the evening before. BUT I could tell they were disappointed, so I called one of my friends and borrowed her 10 year old son (Traygon Ullery) to go with me for an extra set of eyes. It made for a busy evening as well. Friday afternoons is the boys time to clean bathrooms, so typically while they are cleaning and I am supervising, I clean the kitchen floor. I got about half way done with the floor before I had to start making dinner for a friends family that I visit teach (the Reay's), as the mom just had gotten out of surgery. After I got all the kids shoes on, hair done, and in the car. I loaded the food and we delivered it, picked up our friend going with us....and got to the dinner-only 15 minutes late. Thank heavens I brought extra eyes as Traygon ended up playing out on the playground with all the boys most the night. I only spent 20 dollars on auction items (besides the dinner cost), which included yummy strawberry chocolate cupcakes (thanks Kelli), a candle stand, and presents for siblings. That was a steal considering ...BUT still more than we had planned on spending, as I was NOT going! I am not gonna lie I had fun as most of my dearest buddies have kids or family in the same preschool. Dan had time to finish the floor I had started--Dan and I ended the evening with a movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks (good flick)!

SATURDAY APRIL 12: I'm so glad when daddy is home, glad as I can be, I clap my hands and shout for joy and climb back into bed! Dan let me get a few more minutes of shut eye, which was such a treat since I was sooo SORE!!! (my workouts were catching up with me) We piddled around the house getting little things done here and there before we headed out to the boys t-ball game that afternoon. It was a family affair this time and we burned the babes shoulders, even after me buying new sunscreen at Costco on Tuesday in Phoenix. Bad parents- we came home and napped OR played video games...whichever you prefer in our household!

Dan and I went on a date that night to the wildflower bread company. The way to my heart is the hummus plate! Then we drove around Sedona--found the airport, and saw a pretty sunset. We also went and checked out all the new round-abouts they are building there. We were a little frustrated that things shut down so early around these parts. It does not leave much in way of variety for dates. The way to Dan's heart is through cold stone creamery ice cream, so we ended the date there with a gift certificate Dan got at work. Thank goodness, as we still had to pay for a babysitter! We watched Singles Ward 2 after returning the babysitter and washing a dish or two--we ended the evening in fits of laughter! Good times. I love Dan-

SUNDAY APRIL 13- It is SO HARD to get up on Sunday mornings sometimes. We rushed to church and made it for the opening song-phew! We need to do better. I had to teach a new song in primary and was going to use my prep time to do it, between sacrament and music time in primary...but people kept finding me and talking to me-I need to do more prep at home. We learned -We thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet. It went well and we learned new facts about different prophets. I LOVE doing singing time, it is the getting there that I dread. Dacie has been joining me for the third hour so that Dan can enjoy at least one hour of church. She wanted only me today, so I had an extra set of hands to help conduct. She also "went at it" in nursery with some bigger kids as she was trying to get the princess chair-she has no fear of bigger kids after her brothers! The nursery is so tender. I love their little bodies!

We all got naps today--Dan got to go a little bit longer to make up for Saturdays sacrifice. Dacie has had a really HARD evening. Her screaming is killing us! We made a pie this evening, and will enjoy going to bed earlier--so we can hit the diet and exercise hard this week (the scales and I are NOT friends-for so much work and no results)! Hope your week was full of sunshine, friends, and good places to go!


Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

I'm not friends with my scale either, as you know from reading my blog. I can't believe you can find time to work out with your busy schedule. You are super mom!

Ana said...

This post made me tired. Really tired. lol

Angie said...

I loved the "bad word" story. ha!! You asked about the name letters on my girls' wall--I made them. They're super easy. Wood is from Walmart ($1 each), then scrapbook paper Mod Podged onto the wood, and vinyl letters stuck on top.

wilkinson_fam said...

You are amazing. I don't know how you do it all. You're kids don't know how lucky they are to have you as their mom, that's for sure!

The Gordon Bunch said...

Way to go on the intense workouts with a personal trainer! It was fun seeing you at the Pizza Fundraiser. Our visits are few and far between.

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Good on starting aerobics! I wish I could make myself to do it. Nice little summary of the week. Looks like you were swamped!

Our Fairytale said...

Hi Alicia! I added you on my friends list, mine is if you want to check it out!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

busy busy! Good job on making the jam and all the other fun stuff you did! That Chelsea definitely LOOKS like a personal trainer huh?! She's so nice, and cute. Too bad we can't get her to stick around! OH, and Dan introduced us to the whole 10 for $10 at Fry's--who knew?! =)

Fringers said...

I got my M&M peolpe from then you kinda gotta work your way around the site but it is fun!!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

I just wanted to thank you again for the great presentation you gave at our enrichment--i really enjoyed it! =)

mjs ashworth said...

I can totally relate with the little girl screams...ahhh some days I want to pull my hair out! Sounds like a fun week, come visit soon!

Rob said...

All of those dental needs make me think I should head that way to set up a practice!