Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pulled Over by the Po Po!

So Dan is THE WORST backseat driver. Unfortunately I get car sick real on longer car rides Dan rides shotgun more than I do. With me out of view Dacie does MUCH better and is not doing so much screaming!

Well, yesterday Tuesday 4/8 was a dentist day for our family down in Phoenix (more details in my weeks synopsis). Dan had a church basketball game for our ward in Camp Verde in the evening, we pretty much would not make it b/c we got out of Phoenix later than we thought. Well, half way down the hill entering the Verde Valley, Dan's team calls begging Dan to come. It is half time, they are only down by six to a super trash talking team, and they are playing with only five players...they need reprieve.

I have been really trying to be more supportive of Dan's only form of exercise and his love (I KNOW what it feels like to have to give that up!)--so I kept telling him I would be fine and that he could not use helping the family factor weigh-in on this decision. He finally consented to go and we turned right at the exit into Camp Verde, rather than left to Cottonwood. All the kids had fallen asleep on the ride home and it was peaceful.

I dropped Dan off and ran in for a few seconds to see if he had a ride home, etc. When I returned to the car, 2 kids were screaming mercilessly. Dacie, because we were not driving, and I was not in the car. Ryland, because Dacie's scream is intolerable. Ryland kept telling me that she was making his stomach hurt. He was not sure if he would throw up... so on the road back to the highway I reached over to hand him a bag, in case he threw up...when I turned back around...guess what is in my rear view mirror?-Flashing lights...GREAT!!!

Some of you may know I got my first ticket in 10 years, this past fall (in Sedona) and had to go to traffic school. The thoughts are still too fresh! Besides the fact, that Dan and I have always had a little friendly squabble over who has the better driving record (ME), and who drives better (ME)--this was just more fuel for his fire.

You have got to be kidding me! It is after 9pm at this point. The police officer walks over and asks for my license. I explain to him what happened with the throwing up Ryland bit, and handing him a bag.. hoping for mercy. The officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I told him that I was going 35 before I had to turn around (I really had looked at my speedometer), but did not doubt that I had hit the gas in that whole affair. He said he had clocked me at 45.

The police officer saw all the kids and asked if I had them all seat belted in. I offered to open the window to let him see, and he said he could tell that they were. The officer told me that he just wanted to call in my lisc. and see if it is valid. Mercy?!!! I am thinking I may be getting off of the hook! BUT when he does not come back and does not come back I begin to wonder. He reappears to tell me that my lisc. is not showing up with the DMV. I ask him if he was for real and started chuckling. He said he had tried my last name, first name and birthdate...and

if it was not valid he would have to tow the car, and I guess take me and the kids to jail.

Ryland was already asking the whole time if the police man is going to take him to jail, and Colton is asking if we are stuck in the desert. Pretty quick after that I hear the radio cackle that it is valid. I guess I should have told him that it had been suspended for drunk driving huh? HA HA.

He said because I had my kids strapped in seat belts he would give me a verbal warning. Thanks, I think?!!!--by this time I had kids crying all the way home, and I had to unpack them out of the car and try to lay them down with only 5 serious meltdowns!!! I really was supporting basketball at this point.

Colton kept saying, "this is the first time I have been pulled over by a cop!" and this morning he said, "remember when we got pulled over last night by the police officer?" I asked him to not tell people about it, because it is embarrassing!

The moral of the story is: Here is another reason to buckle up your kids, one less ticket and thing for your hubby to make fun of! (OK he still made fun of me)


mjs ashworth said...

I am so glad you didn't get a ticket! I hate getting pulled over, it is so stressful.

charlotteking said...

Might I suggest, letting Dacie scream in the officer's ear and rolling down the window so Ryland can throw up on his shoes. Show him that jail could be a break!

Ana said...

I was about to say.. a few hours in jail might not be that bad compared to screaming kids, but that's only because I've never been there...I'm sure that screaming kids are better than jail. (most days). Can you imagine the people that DON'T buckle their kids in? I mean, are the kids just running around the car? Sometimes I look forward to car rides BECAUSE the kids are strapped in. Seriously.

The Gordon Bunch said...

Alicia, I love you... did you really take a picture of the cop car behind you? Blogging is always on your mind, and I am grateful for the entertainment it provides :)

Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

My husband is the better driver, but I am the one with no tickets!! and I would have gotten a ticket, since I am the worst at the car seat thing. I only do the top part up, I hate the 50 buckles car seats come with! This is why I only have one child, what would I do if I had to strap in 3 or 4?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What are the odds--getting pulled over again?! I thought driving a mini-van should give us a immunity right?! The cops should focus on sports cars and such--not moms driving their kids around! so glad you didn't get a ticket!

jonesfamily said...

Crazy woman driver! ;) All I have to say is kids are WAY more distracting than talking on cell phones! When are they going to make it a law to have a window (like they do in limos) between the driver seat and the back of the vehicle?!? I can't wait for THAT day!

Dawn said...

Wow! I had no idea all that had happened on your way home last week! I feel bad...I should have not suggested we take the kids to the park and McDonald's! I'm so glad you didn't get the ticket; I loved reading your friends comments..especially the one from Charlotte King! I am proud of you for getting home and getting the kids to bed that night in spite of all that had happened!!! I hope Dan's team appreciated him...did they win after all that??? Thanks for supporting him in that "outlet" for was truly a sacrifice that night! I loved the boys baseball pictures together also! And I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to sign up for the pics and other shouldn't have to cost that much to have your kids play t-ball! Hope this week has gone better for you! Love you!

Tara said...

Isn't it great when your kids like to talk about events you aren't proud of?
Cardon STILL talks about the ONE time I was pulled over a couple months ago. HE was SO excited, "Look mom! Barricade is coming!!!" Luckily I got the warning too -- phew!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

what a jerk! Can't he see a poor mother so busy to watch piddly little difference in speed. I hate people like that. I guess somebody has to have the minimum wage job. I just got a ticket for not having a my dog on a leash. So I too am bitter.