Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week Synopsis 4/21-4/25 2008

Monday April 21st- Almost every child had 'wet' their clothes/bed OR been up in the night--Dan and I took shifts. It was GREAT start to the week! Relay for life spirit week started at Colton's school--today he got to wear slippers. FHE was on Daniel and the Lions Den, now Ryland talks about it everywhere he goes.

Tuesday April 22nd- Our cousin is famous! Dan's cousin appeared on Peoples Court late this afternoon and WON! We got to see it, and had allot of good laughs. She had a legitimate case AND is not the typical "white trash" you see on it. Tara is actually a cutey mom of three in Utah (however she got a sweet trip to NYC out of it!). It was over a dog she had purchased. She solidified the fact that I am NEVER going to own a dog with small children. It was the highlight of our day.

I worked out extra LONG today-almost 2 hours! Colton wore a hat for spirit day. Colton also got to go to Enrichment with mommy. It was on preparedness and we tried out a whole bunch of wheat recipes. He now asks quite frequently if the food we are eating at the time is made of wheat...and when I say yes, he gets excited. Colton did lose his 'sick' tooth while tasting wheat pancakes there, now we have to make and extra trip to Phoenix this month to remedy the problem!

Wednesday April 23rd- Colton wore my sunglasses for spirit day(b/c his were lost of course). I woke up with Dan ready to be best buddies with the toilet for the day (a little flu bug is going around these parts). It was a pajama day at home. IF only Ryland would let me be sick without sticking a rubber ball down the sink.. only to get it stuck in the pipes, spilled his entire bowl of milk on the counter and chairs, and wet on the bathroom floor when I desperately needed a clear runway to that toilet. Dacie would not let me sleep on the rocking chair without crawling on my face and pulling my hair. No sick days for mommy's.I felt good by the afternoon to answer phones for my part-time job AND I actually had dinner waiting when Dan got home!

Thursday April 23rd- My brother in law graduated from BYU, and some of my family will be together the next few days-we miss them. So we sent him a graduation cookie bouquet. Go BIG BAD JOHN!

We had a busy morning working out for an hour and then running to a park so I could have a stake YCL camp meeting after. The kids took LONGER naps today at the SAME time (that has been a LONG time coming)--it was a tender mercy. Colton wore his cowboy boots for spirit day. The boys and Dan had dinner in tupperwares at the ball park, again, this evening-- and then it was off to a Basketball game for daddy!

Friday April 24th-Colton wore purple for spirit day (and got a cool stick to the window prize). I was fasting for a close friend of ours who has started taking the missionary discussions with her family. It was their first discussion in the afternoon. We also cleaned the bathrooms and the floor so we could clear out some time for Saturday.

My trainer (Chelsea Jolly) was sick! Bummer ... she leaves in a short week--we are so sad! That evening she was feeling better so we got three other couples from our ward and work (the Trezises, Rabans, and a couple from the office) and met at their house for a fondue party (below)

We 'broke in' my pokeno winning fondue pot. We brought the cheese dipping items (half an hour late..I was trying to grill chicken, get my hair/ makeup done, Dacie's hair done-- all the while Dacie was playing in the toilet in one bathroom and Ryland was flooding the other--Dan did not get a happy me when he got home a little late!). We brought lemon chicken, bread, broccoli, carrots and celery. We also had Chicken sandwiches and green salad.Then chocolate- dipped items cheesecake, rice krispy treats, strawberries, pretzels -Yum! Yum!

We played one round of our infamous game Rate your Mate, before we had to retire for the evening b/c of the kiddos late bed times and naughty messes-we had 12 children amidst the four couples! Thank goodness their rented house is pretty empty!

On the way home we saw a good fireworks show coming from our H.S stadium as they were kicking off the all night walking for the relay for life! The kids got a kick out of it. Only 2 meltdowns before we could get them in bed. Saturday April 25th- Aaah Saturday is the day to get EVERYTHING done. It did not quite work out that way. Dan took off of work this coming Monday so we could get the rest of our landscaping done from last summer and put in a garden. I had a hard morning of it (IF you are a BOY STOP reading) I have been working w/ the doctor on hormonal balance with creams--as I have never been normal since Dacie's birth. Lets just say they were not working today!

We tried in the late afternoon to go borrow the rototiller and it was unsuccessful- I got hurt and it did not fit in the back of our van. We opted out of a group date in the early evening to trade for an alone date w/ just Dan and I. We used a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants and then went and bought a new ceiling fan for our great room, as well as started purchasing plants for the garden and front yard. Ryland had a meltdown with the babysitter over baths-that is always a joyous phone call to get. I got a bloody nose and other fun bathroom visits during the date..I am glad it was not our first date, or it would have been SUPER embarrassing and probably the LAST one! I highly recommend marriage!
(here is the result of trying to lift a rototiller into the van w/ your super BUFF wife--it is a picture of my thigh-wohoo! pretty nasty)

Sunday April 25th- Guess what? We were late to church...again.It has been another rough day with the kids, and short naps. Wanna hear something cute that Dacie does as she is falling asleep? She will rub her hair, head and your face and hair as she drinks the bottle. It is cute to watch each child's soothing strategies as they are getting themselves to sleep.We are happy, healthy and looking forward to a new week!


peterson pack said...

Wow!!! Your weeks make mine seem so uneventful, but I will keep it that way(hopefully). I hope this week goes a little smooth for you. And you said you needed to get a hat for Dacie, Children's Place is having a huge 50%off sale. I got one for Natalie ($2.00) and it is super cute! Have a better week, glad you are feeling better.

Angie said...

*Yummy foundue stuff!
*I hear you on the nap/church interferance. It's tough.
*I noticed one of your TX friends screennames is something like TXTwinsTwice or something. Do they have two sets of twins? I couldn't get to their blog w/out a password.

Tara said...

Wow! Thanks for letting me be a part of your crazy busy week last week!
love ya!

The Gordon Bunch said...

OUCH! That wound looks brutal. You are such a go-getter. I am tired just from reading your blog and you live that schedule!! We missed you at the park. Maybe next week our lives will cross :).

The Thompson Family said...

I think all young families have this kind of week. My seem to be like this every week.. Evan has been sick for over a month. A horrible cough. Hope this next week proves to be a better one for you all the way around.

booboo said...

Hey. How do I change the background with the cutest blog on the block page without causing my text to elongate? It does it every time!! Why? What do you do?!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

ouch that bruise looks painful! yay for the kids taking a nap at the same time (I SWEAR angels sing when that happens right?!) Good job on all the working out--2 hours--WOW, it makes me tired just thinking about it! The fondue looks DELISH! =) oh, and i'll send the cleggs an invite.

mjs ashworth said...

Two hours girl?!? You are amazing! Sounds like another CRAZY BUSY week! I love the shoe post below, what's with girls and shoes???

Celeste said...

Your blog is great. I just finished reading a bunch I needed to catch up on! BTW, I love that wedding picture on the right side of your pretty! Good job working out. I am getting into it a lot is addicting! Keep it up!

Carca said...

busy week! I loved the quotes of your kids on the side