Friday, October 8, 2010

Tornadoes in ARIZONA?!!!!!!!

Tornadoes in Arizona?! Yeah Right,
Those are my exact sentiments...
(You can see the hail jumping off the tramp- that was fun to watch!)
That is until I got a call from my friend in the school office telling me we had been put on yellow alert in the schools for a tornado, and the kids were under their desks.
That is when the hail started falling...
AND I lost our satellite transmission for the TV
SO I got online and watched as the reality of a tornado was evident!
The hail turned to walnut size balls (not shown)
and I knew that Dan would be cursing me for converting our garage into a toy room-as the van took the beating!
The air got still and a little green.
So after all the phone calls, reading and watching~ I thought we should hang out in our master closet
for a bit (Dacie, Ryland and Me)
(Colton demonstrating to me what he did for 1.5 hours -and fell asleep- doing at school)
A tornado did ruin some homes and derail a train about an hour from us. There was a touch down 5 miles from the school. Colton's teachers have a weather station set up in their pods out back and so they were watching all the cells forming all over.

(Sterling's teacher one of my good buds sent me this pix text to let me know Sterling was OK- he is on his laptop-their grade got a grant for them- doing educational games)

Colton's class would send updates to the school district. Thus the reason why he probably had to cover his head for most of the 2 hours. They were not allowed to use the bathroom or anything!(closets and buckets)

Dan thinks this was all a big joke and extreme. Some may claim that. I am indifferent and grateful that the school takes the safety of our children so seriously.

It made our DAY an ADVENTURE!!!

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