Friday, October 15, 2010

Nap Nanny

Soo the rare occurrence happened where Rhett fell asleep out in the Family Room!
He has loved this nap nanny bed since he was born, that we had borrowed from a friend (thanks Nikki). It is made for reflux babies and keeps them upright.
He does not like to sleep in it, but he loves to hang in it most days (we have taken it everywhere with us). However, it is made to sleep in, thus the name nap nanny.
There is a strap for when that happens.
This day he fell asleep in it while hanging out with the siblings, so I quietly carried him into his room. About an hour and a half later I hear this high pitch screaming coming from him and walk in to find this!
At first he looked petrified, but after I was laughing and grabbed the camera he thought he was quite funny!
I learned they make straps for a reason!
I am grateful he was fine and on top of the bed!

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