Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break Part 3:a fall BREAK for MOM

During Fall Break I decided I needed a little break
organized a group of friends to head down to
put on by deseret book
I always have a hard time forking out the check for it. I feel it is a bit overpriced and that they are trying to make money off the gospel
then I go and it is so worth it for me. The speakers were PHENOMENAL!
They always get the best of the best for this venue
We had a day and evening of being enriched, ate lots....
7 of us stayed at Dan's parents house (who were out of town) and did not go to bed until 2:30am...talking all night
I LOVE my girlfriends, and I LOVED a fall BREAK for MOM
now to catch up on sleep!
(thanks Dan for holding down the fort of five kids while I was gone)

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Jen said...

Thanks for hooking me up with the group rate tickets. My aunt and I had a blast! It was my first time, and I WILL go again! LOVED IT!