Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break Part 2: BaCkYaRd FuN!

Ever Spring and Fall break the weather either, COOLS down or warms up enough for us to have some FIRE PIT CAMPING in our backyard!
Last break I missed the camping and fire because our little Rhett entered the world that very night

SOOO we decided to introduce Rhett to FIRE

Which he loved watching the few minutes before bed!

UMMM-SMORES are a definite part of the night
we even had our friend Brandon sleep over

They stayed up until later then I was awake to play the game Sorry by lamplight (Dan got a new lamp for fathers day)Other Backyard FUN that week included making BuDdY the dog a "hide-out"You see, Aunt Cara and Uncle John own buddy...and since they have been such a part of our lives this last little while-buddy has become a part of our family as well
Its kind of like getting the benefits of a dog without the hard work
We don't even have poop patrol sometimes!

Luckily buddy is temperate because our children abuse him(dance,lay on him, pull his tail, yell at him because they can, throw toys at him, soak him with water) and love him (feed him, walk him, play with him) with the best of them.
This was a good day for buddy-as he became royalty of the clubhouse!

The rest of the week consisted of free High School Wrestling Camp for Colton and Sterling (they promptly hated it), a day at the library (even RHETT!), and some swimming at the rec center!

Happy Fall Break

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