Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break Part 1-OUT of AfRiCa

We have this cool exhibit near our home called- Out of Africa!

it recently was moved up here from Phoenix when they lost the land to do it. Dan and I have never been because of cost...

BUT one of Dan's patients gave us free tickets!

In Arizona, all schools , typically get a week of fall break as well.

So this past Saturday, was the first day of Fall Break


A perfect time for us to go visit!

We made a day of it and had a BLAST!
We had a blast feeding the camel
(and he even kissed some of us-no spitting, luckily)

Visiting the new baby zebra's

Checking out all the wildlife typically found grazing the plains in Africa

we even had a rare find with these little African deer babies...I guess they are so skittish no one ever gets to see them!

The ostrich had laid some unfertilized eggs that we got to hold

They were quite heavy with leathery skins!

We got to pet the HUGE boa banana snake!

AND quoze in a show of Tiger Splash and Bear Play

They play with these untamed animals and just see how the show goes
The bears had quite a time waking up

and the tiger gave us some great splashes

It was a HAPPY (and warm) DAY as a family!


Jen said...

We love going there. Did you get to catch feeding time? That's our favorite part. They do it at 3 pm a few days a week. The hyena's make crazy noises when the food is coming their way. :0)

Aaron & Jayme said...

So fun! We still haven't been because of the price too! Hopefully someday!