Friday, October 29, 2010


We have been MARRIED for 10 YEARS on October 21st So we celebrated in Jerome!
We stayed at a bed and breakfast for 2 nights (where one of Dan's patients owns and runs it!)
The kids celebrated with Grandma Sorensen and Aunt Cara.
They promptly cried for Grandma and told us that our discipline techniques stink cuz' we don't do a prize bag!
Enjoyed Cool weather and a warm and cozy room
with a warm and cozy breakfast and warm and cozy hot chocolate on our front porch every morning
The CAT pictures in our room were NOT warm and COZY
In fact, this one with a small psycho pirate cat in it freaked me out so much I made Dan sleep on that side of the bed!
This eery glowing lamp did not help
AND as many of you know Jerome is famous for its LUCKILY at check out we began to hear the stories of the bed and breakfast, particularly our room...ooooh!

The views from our room were breathtaking
We took a day trip into Prescott over the mountain to do some shopping, see a movie and eat "all you can eat" shrimp at Red Lobster!

Jerome is also known for its quirky artist, quaint & colorful stores, and buildings sliding down the mountain as well.

Before we returned home we went and visited the state park museum that had been closed down for 2 years for budget cuts As well as a recently opened mine shaft
Jerome is also well known for-mining!
I was officially FREAKED OUT standing above it on a plate of glass!
and I would have OFFICIALLY FREAKED OUT having to ride this small thing down that long long long shaft!
Dan also gave me his heart out of some cool minerals and rocks there
New BLING to my wedding ring (pictures forthcoming)
10 years, 5 kids, grad school, moves, sickness, surgeries...we are making it and loving having someone by our sides!

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