Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FuNnY HuBbY!!!!

So my Hubby Dan is of the quiet sort and allot of people never really get to know what makes him "tick"
He has done a few things the last couple of days that just make me smile- I thought I'd share a few with you....
There is no question Dan earns his salary (we have enough for our needs, but little excess). We pursued higher education for him to be a physical therapist. He works overtime (at salary) and his lunch breaks are usually overtaken by paper work, a chatty patient, or a non-compliant patient... every once in awhile he will step in and take a patient last minute who is post-op and needs to be seen.
SOOO every once in awhile he gets a GOOD DAY and breaks away, and rushes home for very FEW minutes (considering I have not seen him since 6am I like whatever I can get).
The other day I found him doing this (above) with those few minutes:
Playing his FAVORITE FORMULA ONE RACING video game with a carton of frozen ice cream sitting next to him!!!!
These are 2 of HIS top 2 LOVES of his life!
Ice Cream & Video Racing Games
It made me smile --I was not surprised...that is my Dan
So this is the first year we have had a pinewood derby contestant in our family. As I mentioned earlier in the post Dan has a LOVE for formula one racing in general. Sooo when we got the kit for the derby I was not too shocked to see Dan become obsessed with making it the ultimate race car. We got our kit only a few weeks before race time...and we have no wood working tools to speak of.
SO Dan went and bought a hand-held dremel and has taken Colton's drawing of his derby and cut it all by hand for HOURS in our garage.
Last Saturday he spent the majority of the day doing it. I had to laugh because he has no safety goggles and had to use some cheap aviator glasses to protect his eyes (it failed miserably) from the wood chips. I came out and saw his hat head slick and glasses and thought he looked a little creepy-like his name should be Lester or something...
ha ha ha (SO OF COURSE I took a picture)
I came home from a girls camp meeting last night at 10pm to find him in the garage working away again. He is afraid the race will come before he is I am trying to convert him into a simpler design. But for those who know Dan... slow and steady wins the race, and being precise and doing the job right!
ha ha ha
So here is to my whittling wood race car making hubby!
On a side note: One time on a YM retreat Dan spent the entire camping trip whittling a walking stick with a pocket knife. THE ENTIRE TIME. He is of the peaceful sort, no rough housing, shooting up games for him... more like, sit around the camp fire and whittle!
Here is to my Funny Hubby...I think I will keep him!
ha ha ha


Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

oh i love when marcus comes home for lunch, even tho it RARELY happens. i too will take anything i can get.
i heard you guys got kerris old web cam. we need to skype!! lola would be in heaven being able to talk to dacie.

Russ said...

that pic with the ice cream and video games is siiiiiiick... hahaha

Dawn said...

I too, thought the last picture was a little scary! What a dedicated dad! who loves race cars! good luck with the pinewood derby...when is it? Thanks for sharing your reflections...glad you're going to keep him! Love ya'all!

Anonymous said...

Pinewood derby is a serious thing! I didn't realize how serious the dads take it! Much more than the scouts. I guess the little boy in them never does grow up all the way : )