Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Valentine's Season

VALENTINES FAMILY HOME EVENINGWe made and decorated our Valentines Bags. We hang them all week long and put valentines in them for each other. I try to write things I see throughout the week, that I see them doing that I love.
Valentines making is always a BIG MESS of LOVE
FHE treats are always a happy ending-we {heart} pear cobbler!!
(I heart it because it gets rid of the bags I had sitting in our fridge, ...thanks to Bountiful baskets)
It was my turn to host playgroup this week and I signed up for the "valentines" playgroup.
Here is all of our very own "sweet" Valentines!
We took pictures to include with our big banner Valentines we were making for missionaries and servicemen.
Below is our Valentine banner making!
Everyone brought sugar cookies and I provided the toppin's
OF COURSE....that was the biggest hit!
Aunt Cara always tries to make it to playgroups around Hutchings can't pass up a holiday! (thank heavens she did as a BIG clean-up was eminent at the end)
Here are the kiddos playing around after in the rec center with our buddyLily... who came over after playgroup to play- We {heart} Lily!
YES, that is my 35 week prego tummy in the mirror!

Don't you just LOVE, LOVE?!

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