Monday, February 22, 2010

BOBCAT Finally!

It was the tradtional Gold and Blue banquet for cub pack meeting this month AND...
Colton FINALLY got his Bobcat!!!
(Colton is far right)
for those of you well versed with cub scouting know how LAME it is he has not gotten it yet...considering he has been in scouts since July (mostly the fault of his madre)
I am not gonna lie...scouting is a program I am going to have gain a testimony of
I have not quite gotten the "vision"
or wrapped my arms around it.
BUT I know with four boys it will come, and I am not stressed, neither was Colton.
I felt bad getting the pin as I handed over the manual to Dan and told him to HELP!
Ask me about personal progress and I can run it in circles...
I guess, it's time to switch to boys!
The banquets theme was "Take me out to the Ballgame"
Cute decor, plenty of peanuts, hot dogs and cheese nachos
Not having to plan dinner for one night-WONDERFUL!!!
Oh yeah, the best part for the kids was the Cracker Jacks to BOOT!
Now...its time for the pinewood derby

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My Lucky Day said...

It's not that pathetic. I am the Webelos Den Leader in my ward and the Cub Scout Committee chair's son just got his Bobcat in December. He turned 11 in January. She signed him off that he earned his Arrow of Light. I don't think so. I haven't signed a thing and he wasn't active in the den for six months. Sports were more important to that family.