Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basketball Season is OVER!

(Colton's warm up shot!)
So I like to joke that Basketball is the "non-optional" sport in our family.
Since that is ONE of the only COMMON LOVES Dan and I share...
and because we are tall therefore our children are tall, We both played competitively for quite sometime, and we are going to have four boys...
I like to envision our life full of basketball!
(Sterling's lay-up not far behind)
However our athleticism has yet to shine through...so for now, we are just enjoying the supposed "low-key" recreation league.
LUCKILY for us it was Sterling's first year playing, and Colton and him played on the same team!
(Colton boxing out baby!)

It was our coaches first year AND he LOVED to WIN!
So we have had not as much "low-key" as we, or the rec league, intended.
2-hour practices, 2 x's a week, on top of Saturday games, team sweatshirts (we were one of the ONLY ones who did not order), playing time for talent (this poor kid, NOT OUR OWN, rarely got 4 minutes of playing time a game), a banquet for the end of the season.
We are appreciative of the coaches time and willingness....
BUT we have also offered to coach each season.
(The boys lined up for some foul shooting-Sterling underneath the basket and Colton is #8)

Maybe varsity high school is more our coaches thing (that I can understand...but not for barely 7 yr. old boys)!
Despite our coaching differences, we were able to work through it and take what started out as an unpleasant experience for the boys into a better one.
(Over the back rebounding is so hard not to do when you are tall for being a Sterling 7 yrs. old! )
Now it is so fun for me to see them playing basketball outside together for an hour or so with our hoop....
Basketball here WE COME!


booboo said...

Hey. The ref looks hot!! Single? Mormon? Old enough? Just curious!!! Hehehehe:)

The Montez Family said...

I always celebrate the end of a sports season too! We are almost done with basketball and just started little league with Aaron coaching I hate the overlap it is crazy! Keaton starts soccer in a couple of weeks... I might need to be medicated : )ha ha

Aaron & Jayme said...

How fun! (Except for the all-or-nothing coach) Can't wait till my boys are a little older:)