Wednesday, February 17, 2010


After a Friday of school parties and our family making over 60 Valentines for classmates....we were anxious for the real day to arrive! Every year as the kids wake up we always have a little Valentines "surprise" for them. We try to make a personal valentines from mom and dad, and a treat or two!
This year was no exception!
It was kind of fun putting together Valentines quiet activity books for them to do during sacrament.
It helped me not feel so bad for not being in church with them as I had a ward conference to attend an hour away
Thank heavens we talked Aunt Amberlyn into coming up for Valentines and she helped Dan at church
Dacie's was a bit different than the boys because we had just thrown her personal water bottle away for mold and she needed a new one! Dan even got his own "surprise" treats with gifts of:
I am doing all the dishes for a month
Trading him cars the following week to take his commuter car "squeaky" in for an oil change and help with the S'queaks it makes!
...Oh I was not neglected, I found my own treat on my pillow later that evening with a promise to make all the lunches for the boys for a month! (he cheated by reading my presents first)
After some good v-day napping we took some pink, red and white swirl cookies to the widows and widowers who surround us as neighbors!
Cara and John as well as my mesa sister Amberlyn all came over for Valentines dinner
The menu consisted of:
Pink Ham
Pink mashed potatoes
Red jello with strawberries
green salad
butternut squash
all washed down with diet sierra mist
Dacie dressed in V-day spirit and got balloons at church
Aunt Booboo had fun playing with Dacie's hairstyle
~OPENING THE VALENTINES BAGS~That evening we all gathered around and opened up our bags and gifts to one another as well as Family "mailed in" surprises
Aunt Cara brought the kids little do-dads...including balloons
and I don't know about you but my kids enjoy blowing up and un-blowing the balloons
until they finally POP and are swimming in spit
Personally, it is pretty gross to me!
Not a fan of millions of balloons over here
Here is Uncle John in his "Valentines throne"- he only got out once to grace us with his presence for dinner- ha ha
We actually got a picture of one of the balloons popping-you can see the piece of balloon above Colton's balloon...and that is Colton in actual jumping by surprise motion! ha ha
Dacie's ears were NOT too fond of the popping balloons!
The evening ended with a mad game of Valentines pictionary
that even the kids could hold their own

Happy Valentines to all...and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

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Katie H said...

I just love your family. I love how into events & holidays you guys get - your kids must get so excited. Makes me excited to be a mom someday. :)

Hope you are well - you're in the final inning! :)