Monday, March 1, 2010

Medallion Retreat

Medallion Retreat 2010
L to R~ front to back: Sister "Sprawled out prego belly" Sorensen, "Smashed and Petite" Tarrin Rice, Leslie "The Cuddler" Kinkade, Lashea "Softball" Taylor, Sister "THE FUN" Gomm, Sister "Elvis Presley" Gordon
Back/far left: Erica "I Am Here" Goff, Stacy "Life is Good" Hewittson
A tradition in our stake is to take the girls who have gotten their Young Women Recognition (equivalent of an Eagle Scout for our girls) this past year on a fun trip to celebrate the HOURS of time and sacrifice they put into getting their award!


(playing with the fold-up bed)

So we took them on a "retreat" to the Enchantment Resort in Sedona
this past Friday and Saturday night

(thanks to Sister Gomm's connections!)

As you can was a night in the robes of luxury and plenty of F-U-N!

We had our own little casita with 2 bedrooms, kitchen ,sitting room with fireplace, 3 bathrooms and a bellhop to boot!

We ate pizza and JUNK food to our tummies content

Played some mad games of crazy uno, guesstures, and getting to know you cards...

.... way into the "wee hours" of the morning.
Sleep is over-rated
OF course the leaders were totally not involved and took no part in the craziness!
The next day we had some yummy bagels and went on a photo shoot.
Sister Gordon used her time, talents and business to give the girls an extra special present...a free senior portrait shoot (look for them in the future on her photo website, listed on the right of my blog). We were still going strong at 1pm in the afternoon.
It was quite fun to switch outfits, walk around the beautiful grounds, get ready...and make a day of it
We LOVE these girls and will miss be missing most of them next year!


Stockbridge Family said...

AWESOME!! That is a great motivation tool for those girls! Wow and the Enchantment? That place is NICE... Your an awesome leader!

Trezise Momma said...

Fun!! You are a better woman than me. I could never have pulled an all-nighter when I was 9 months pregnant!!

Jen said...

So fun! I hope you keep that tradition going long enough for my girls to get to go!!!