Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PreSchooL DaYs

As some of you might already know..I am doing a toddler preschool swap with Dacie. Never before have I started any of my kids this young with preschool. BUT Dacie thrives on it and looks so forward to it. It is only one day a week for 2.5 hours...perfect!
She looks so darn grown up most days I get her ready for preschool, that I can't help but snap away with the camera. I am grateful I have a girl to "dress up" that lets me!!!

Here is one of her spiders she made on "S" day at Taylor and Kennedy's house....she even got a big S stamp on her hand (if you look closely enough)
Monica who organized the swap knows I LOVE holidays...so she tends to give me the week closest to holidays!!
Here is some things we did for our P week:
We baked some Pumpkin Pies (that was a first for me!)- (above)
We Learned a new pumpkin song from my "old school" preschool tapes
We read "there was an old lady who was not afraid of anything" even a huge pumpkin scary head
We made pumpkin paper plates with TRIANGLE eyes (below) and YELLOW eyeballs
We hunted for TRIANGLE candy corns and ate them
We made TRAINGLE candy corn bows to wear in our hair (except for Mitchy- he tied his candy corns together w/ his ribbon)
Ryland was my little helper (most the time)- it was a busy Halloweeny kind of day!
Some more cute outfit preschool shots! Sorry Dacie...

Happy Preschool Days to YOU!!!!

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Trezise Momma said...

Fun!! It almost makes me want to be in the swap. Almost. Maybe with Avery...