Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our PuMpKiNs!!!!

Friday night the 30th we gathered in our kitchen for our typical friday night pizza and movie night and changed it to
Pumpkin and pizza night instead!!
Our garden produced a majority of the pumkins again this year (however the pumpkins were not quite as prolific).
Sterling purchased his own pumpkin w/ his school class w/ his allowance money
Dacie's Cutie
Ryland's ROAAARRR!!!
Sterling's Cat (you can see the whiskers if you look closely)
Sterling cut and gutted his entire pumpkin by himself...much to his dad's cringing
Colton the Painted One
(he opted to paint one of our squashes we got in our bountiful basket)
Dad's Masterpiece
(Dan claims anyone who does not design their own and uses fancy tools and stencils does NOT count)
Mom is a WITCH
Our pumpkins were the main masterpiece of our decorated trunk at the wards trunk-or-treat on Halloween!


Russ said...

i was just about to say out loud... 'dang looks like they did all their pumpkins with kitchen knives' when i saw dans comment. i agree that stencils are cheating... but the little knives are just a good idea!

random idea... what would happen if i got dan an xbox?? we could play online together?? and with the nephews...???

Trezise Momma said...

Cute pumpkins and squashes! Dan's pumpkin is pretty cool! And I love Sterling's whiskers!

The Bargar Beauties said...

Dan has got talent! Love them all.

booboo said...

Pics are cute, but background is cuter. Where did you get it? By the way. I'm coming up there for Thanksgiving!! Get ready for some major BooBoo time and fun!!