Monday, November 16, 2009

HaPPy 7th BiRthDaY StErLiNg

Saturday November 14th- was Sterling's 7th birthday
He has been counting down FOREVER
Since it was an "odd" year birthday we did not have a friend party...
so he got 'stuck' with his fam.
The day before we made the candy-filled cornicopias for his class and pulled him out of school for lunch, for a McD's happy meal!
(no...that is not a bloody nose or a booger- he has a dry nose and scab to show for it-sick-o)
So we took a trip over to the casino and went bowling after Ryland's soccer game. The casino was so good to him, they even brought him his own special birthday balloon!

Dacie..the roller
Colton the rockstar (2nd place to daddy)
Sterling the Birthday bowling boy!
Ryland the thrower
Daddy the spare (he won!)
Funny birthday faces!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen took a trip up for the evening- they brought a "party in a bag"
Grandma brought her infamous taco soup and fiesta dinner, Mexican table clothe, Spanish music, sombrero's, and a pinata (as well as THE PRESENT~ an entire post forthcoming on that one!)
oooh! We should have them over to dinner more often!!

Sorry girls he's taken- ha ha ha
Birthday LOVE from his favorite girl

metal bat in the house...we know risky!!
real risky
Dad taking care of the "unbreakable" pinata
loading up on the 'loot' ~ peanut m&m's, granola bars, and broken gingerbread cookies

Uncle John and Cara (and the last missing piece to Sterling's birthday present) joined us for cake and ice cream as well as the pinata
The cake was so much prettier BEFORE I used the left over lame icing from the cupcakes I made for the school fair!!! aargh!
Oh wells-it all looks the same in our tummy's!!!
we ended the evening watching "up" in pj's, blankets and pillows


Dawn said...

So where are the pictures of Mom at the bowling alley??? Looks like lots of fun! So glad we were able to come up and have a "fiesta" with all of you...and share in Sterling's birthday! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures...I love the one of Dacie kissing him in their sombreros!

Trezise Momma said...

Happy Birthday, Sterling! We hope you have a wonderful year!! Looks like you guys had quite the fiesta to celebrate!
Love, The Trezise Family

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a fun b-day!!! Happy Birthday Sterling...only one more year until he's 8--WOW!