Friday, November 13, 2009

The LAST of the Harvest...

Besides the picking of the pumpkins, we collected the last of our garden as it has slowly turned brown and froze in the evenings.
These products were the main producing "veggies of our labors" this year from our garden.
We have enough really HOT peppers to make some serious kickin' salsa...but no one really likes that. So we add a tip here and there to some chili and bar-b-q them for a kick at dinner.
In fact, one night, Dan paid each of the kids to eat the seeds, a quarter a seed. We got some serious tears that evening...the thing is, even though the sibling did it right before them they would still try it...I guess our kids are desperate for money!!
So anyone have any use for some SERIOUS hot peppers?
or cool recipes?
Now the cherry tomatoes.... I could plant a whole garden of them and fill my mouth with those "bursts of joy"!!!You could find me all summer long picking em' straight off the vine and filling my mouth-they were soo much better then the store boughten kind. The sad thing is you can go through allot in a little time.
This little bowl of them took allot of my willpower to leave around for about 2 days! Dan was a little possessive of them (rightfully so as he did a majority of the gardening this year)
We will miss you garden...what
happened to your friends the squash and zucchini, they let us down?


Jen said...

It was nice to see you for 2 seconds tonight. You are looking beautiful and (thank goodness) healthy!!!

Megan said...

I love cherry tomatoes!! They are sooo good!

It was easier this time around! Once we figured out what drug worked it only took us 1 month! I did make Olivia's shirt! It was so fun! I am excited that you are having another boy, you make 'em cute! I am excited that we are pregnant together and that we can blog and see each other's families grow up!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

those tomatoes look soooooooo good!