Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sacramento= Sleepovers, Swimming and Such...

Realizing I was coming upon some serious free-time with no obligations, having a HECTIC month of May, earning a little extra cash, only seeing my family 2 x's a year and having my last sibling graduate from High School...spurred a uncontrollable urge to take a trip to Sacramento.
So on the last day of school my sister Cara and I packed up the car and kids and headed OUT for 12 plus hours of DRIVING!!! (drive there AWFUL, drive back MUCH BETTER)
SLEEPOVERSSleeping (or the lack thereof) is always an integral part of vacation
I got to sleep in more than I have in a life-time since having kids
This was Dacie's way of sleeping in the car (above) putting the blanket over her head before she would 'nod' off...I guess to block out all distractions

Couple of a boys night sleep-overs in the tent with Grandpa was always a treat
it certainly freed up some much needed spacing in the apartmentSWIMMINGWe spent many an hour at Uncle Shaun/Aunt Cat's
Aunt Mindy/Uncle Jason's
capitalizing on their swimming pool commodities
AND Wii stations!

Sacramento has this SUPER COOL drive-in movie theatres
We went on discount night and spent $4.00 per adult and $1.00per kid
to watch 2 new movies
Night at the Museum 2 & Monsters vs. Aliens
by the time 1am rolled around the hard ground and blankets were perfect!!!
We made plenty of Memories on Memorial Day!

collecting free flags
and cleaning out my parents garage for 12 HOURS...
a few minor fights and lots of sweat later we gathered at the pool for a bar-b-q
Then we spent our last Saturday there holding a garage sale to help get RID of it all and help my sister after much drama earn some money to help her graduate!
what a way to start the summer-- with VACATION!!!!!


Trezise Momma said...

Wow, you are a busy bunch!! We have GOT to catch up. Good thing we have a date scheduled. I am looking forward to it!! We have missed you guys!

McOmberFam said...

Holy cow... where in Sac were you? I live 30 mins north of Sac!

The Greers said...

I now understand hot hard to it to be far from family.
Aren't grandparents the best?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Looks like a fun trip!! I love the pics of Dacie pool side, lounging like a little lady--too cute!

celeste barrett hewette said...

I am not sure if my first note went through so just in case I am sending this one. My name is Celeste Hewette(Barrett ) and Danny was a very good friend of mine back in the day. I recently have have been talking to natalie Kidd and asked Ryan how Danny was doing. The gave me your blog address so I apologize for not getting permission from you to view it. It was nice to see Danny so happy with such a beautiful family. Natalie told me how wonderful you were Alicia and very fun to be around. I have three beautiful children, 2 girls and 1 son. Taylor is almost 6, Payton is 4 and chris jr is almost 2. I would love to meet Alicia and the kids. I am completely new to Blogging and do most of this from my phone so not sure how it works. I am on facebook if you care to see some pics of the family. My email address is Or I would really like to hear from you. Celeste