Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

HaPpY FaThEr'S DaY-To our DAD!!!!
Our Dad works hard for his family.
He is gone during the winter (with seminary--we are grateful for his example of magnifying a calling--he never complains about waking early to teach EVERY DAY) from 6am-6pm and in the summer from 7:30am-6pm. He never misses a day, never is late, totally dependable, rarely takes lunch breaks, and not allot of vacation time!
We were weeding the garden this morning and the kids were complaining how hot and tired they were. I told them they were lucky that they were not farmers and had to do it all day long. Then Sterling said, "wow! firefighters have to work all day long too, our Dad has to work until night time!"
We have never been without necessities and have enjoyed many luxuries for his hard work. Sometimes he comes home only to roll up his sleeves, help with dinner, bedtimes, homework, and some reading or play time.
We felt like he deserved a little bit of R&R today...
So we made some yummy lawn mower cupcakes, to share with neighbors, friends and missionaries (who came to dinner), and to sell at the Children's Theatre to help earn money BUT mostly for our Dad!
We let him sleep in.
Made him breakfast in bed; consisting of luxury scrambled eggs with ham, homemade salsa, and cheese. He got home-made multi-grain toast, and chocolate milk--we made sure his tummy was well fed today!
Then we listened to a story from the book we bought him called Just Me and My DaD (he had the same book when he was a little boy)

Lunch and Dinner were a blur BUT we sure used ALOT of the fruits and veggies we got in our first try at a bountiful basket that weekend!
While we made dinner for DaddY and the missionaries-- he slept with Dacie.
We fed them Liquid smoked pork (thanks for the recipe Gordon Gals), fruit salad, rolls, and cooked carrots..along with their choice of lemonade or Fresca--cupcakes for dessert!
(I could no resist this close-up picture with his Fathers Day tie!)
Afterwards we played a came of Disney Scene It and gave him new khaki socks, and cool shorts he much needed --since our Dad rarely buys himself personal things!
We are absolutely GrAtEfUl and BlEssEd to have Dan as our DAD (or Father of my children)!
SwEeT and PeAcEfUl DREAMS to all you hard working dads and grandpas....


TexasTwinsTwice said...

CAH-UTE cupcakes!! Those are darling!! It looks like Dan's day was fun and relaxing...and the food looks DELISH!

Trezise Momma said...

I love the cute cupcakes! A (late) Happy Father's day to Dan! What a great dad!!

The Montez Family said...

I LOVE it!!! You are sooo creative, those cupcakes are amazing. If I ever feel super ambitious I might try that someday:) I love how you document everything-I've GOT to get a new camera SOON!!!

Mark and Elodie said...

I love the way your cupcakes turned out... how cute and clever!