Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Get-Away!

Happy BELATED 33rd Birthday to "my main man" DAN!!!
Since the day of my sisters graduation landed right on Dan's birthday and then coming home for a total of 24 hours before leaving again... Dan's birthday never got properly "celebrated". We were certain to leave him a gift(tickets to a baseball game with our friends the Cleggs in August) and a surprise or two (like 33 helium balloons delivered to his work)..but we never had official cake, ice cream and quality time.
So the weekend after the trek and his Uncles funeral, Dan and I went for a night away. His work was having a party in Prescott on Saturday. They were going miniature golfing and game Dan and I went up later the evening prior and went out to dinner and a late movie, and then stayed in a cheap hotel that night. It worked out GREAT!
The house ended up getting "shown" Saturday morning. So I took the kids over to Aunt Cara's for a sleep over Friday, and then Dan and I finished the cleaning and left the house in prime condition for the next mornings showing!
It was a FUN get-away for both of us, and we were able to get all our talking and adventures caught up on!
The weekend was "my treat" (thanks Taylor and Sons)!!
Love You Dan--you deserve so much more...


kk Leilani said...

Happy B-day and happy celebrations! so cool...somehow it always seems to work out for you it. Good luck on the house selling...where are you moving to?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh I'm glad Dan had a fun b-day. What a neat treat to have a little get-a-way for you both!