Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Day!

The Culminating EvEnT of Vacation was the graduation of THE LAST (out of 9) Hutchings (my family) from High School
on Tuesday (June 2nd --MY MANS B-DAY)

~Breanna Noelle Hutchings ~

Dacie trying her darndest to jump in the air
As many of you are well aware--my family takes any opportunity to celebrate and make a PARTY!! Today was NO exception
Graduation Breakfast at my parents
The Decorations
The Family enjoying breakfast out front
My entire family was TEXTING during the ceremony...including MY DAD!!! The world definitely has changed since I was in H.S
My boys enjoying the musical numbers, speeches and over 400 READ aloud names in ARCO arena-even after they charged us $7 a person(including kids) and took all of our bottled water and threw it in the trash
My parents and Breanna
The kids
Breanna with her oldest 2 sisters!!!

We were ALL having a FUN time celebrating- even the NEWLY WEDS--Shaun and Cat

*I did NOT get a picture of dinner afterwards. We had to wait in line for over an hour and it was well past 10 when we were finished--we all had our TOO TIRED to lift a camera faces on!


Trezise Momma said...

Congrats to your little sister! Looks like a ton of family fun. No wonder we love hanging out with you guys! You know how to par-tay! We need a game night sometime soon, friend. Call me.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh so fun!!! Are your parents pinching themselves after realizing their baby has graduated!?! Love all the jumping pics--too fun.