Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sacramento not only provides Grandma and Grandpa-- but plenty of Aunts and Uncles as well...
so we stole our Aunts (Cara and Mindy) and their 1/2 off coupons and went and got all day passes to a small ride park called Funderland
Where we Funned our way through the day!

Sterling was Dacie's favorite riding partner
Ryland liked riding solo and doing whatever he wanted!

Dacie's favorite ride was the carousel hands-down
it was the fastest one we have been on yet!

Nothing beats Aunt Mindy's treat to Burger King for lunch--even if we could not keep our eyelids open in the car!

Sterling's FAVORITE ride was the roller coaster-we could NOT get him off of it ALL DAY!

Here is a video clip of us sending ALL the kids on the roller coaster (the adults could not ride with her b/c we did not have a pass so we sent her with the one who was as scared as she was!!!!)--Dacie would be the one screaming her lungs out! She did NOT go near it the rest of the day...Oops-I am a mean mom!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a FUN place!! Looks like it wasn't too crowded either--awesome!