Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He LOST it..

~EPILOGUE to the toothless wonder~
Sterling DID in fact lose his tooth the VERY afternoon he would not put it in a safe place. He spent a majority of the early evening panicking and searching for it outside. Colton prompted him to pray about it. It still did not turn up, so we had a good conversation about timing and how prayers are answered. I FINALLY made him come in teary-eyed for the evening. HOWEVER-the tooth fairy did still come that night and leave him 50 cents for being brave with a promise she would try looking for it with her magic. Sterling found the tooth (in pieces) and case 2 days later with faith in answered prayers but NOT in the tooth fairy's finding magic skills! he is trying to leave it out for the fairy to see if he can get some more money out of it...hasn't happened!

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