Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YES, it does RAIN & SNOW in ArIzOnA

If you were to be in Arizona during the summers you would certainly wonder if it EVER rains here....well, it DOES!!!
and because it is so rare, the kids always want to get out every piece of rain gear we own and go play!
SO you can only IMAGINE how they re-act to snow!
We get snow about 2x's a year (and it never came last year)
so when the rain (above) turned to snow last night and we awoke to this...
You would have thought we were having a holiday!

Dacie has little to no experience with the snow
so she was pretty insistent on getting out there,
so we bundled her in pj's and sent her out
She was quite taken by it all and we had a hard trime convinvincing her to eat it!

AND the best part (according to Dan)--was the fact that this is what it looked like by the time the kids got home from school-
Snow that melts away the same day!


123sonsMom said...

Ahh! Looks like fun. Wish ours would melt.

THE ORMES said...

You get snow, and we get 80 degree weather. I am SOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!! I'm glad I'll be gone before full summer hits because it's already getting too warm for me.

Trezise Momma said...

I am looking at the snow in my backyard, and I am wishing it would follow Cottonwood's lead and leave! I am sick of the white stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I really live in Arizona!

our story said...

ok so we just got your valentines day newletter today and it was adorable! And I have decided that you are my twin we have so many things in common it's nuts! - I soooo want to go on the biggest loser - hey we could be partners! Those kiddos are so sweet and you pictures were fantastic! Happy Valentines Day!

Emily said...

My kids were late for school today because of the snow. I didn't hurry them when I saw how excited they were to get out and make at least one snowball from the dusting that we got. Oh how I miss the snow. But I'm grateful for even this little bit. :)

peterson pack said...

Yes, snow is great! Our kids keep asking when it is going to snow here, it happened once so now it is a yearly expectation. How fun for your kids. And it is so nice that it doesn't stick around for weeks!!

Sandee Tenney said...

Alicia. Why in the world are you glad we didn't come. We are still sick. Don't you want it too? I will send you an email with my address so that stocker boy from India doesn't get my info too.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

So fun huh?!!! My kids were in LOVE with it--but I was glad it didn't stick around too long though. Cute pictures!