Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ones at Home with MoMMy!

After hearing some sounds when my sister had laid down Dacie for naps, she went in to peek at Dacie after she was sure she was asleep--Cara quickly realized what she may have been hearing.
(oh yes,Dacie is OUT of the crib ONLY after her crib lost half of it slats,being super unsafe--I guess 4 kids can do that to a crib--...Dacie would simply crawl out anyway--so I DO NOT HAVE A CRIB IN MY HOME for the first time since a few months after we were married!!!)
OF COURSE the noises were only Dacie climbing out of bed, going in the closet, finding her tutu and putting it on for naps of course! She quietly laid right back down and went to sleep. I guess you can't go to sleep without your tutu girls!
But he is our most stubborn of kids at this age. I never have really bad 2 yr. olds...but when they turn 3-WATCH OUT!!!! As they start nearing 4 years of age it starts to taper out--HOWEVER with Ryland that tapering has not begun, it really has only gotten worse...
SO most days it takes me about 2 hours and a few million check marks on our discipline plan, as well as some serious solo time in his room for him to get dressed.
Well, today was NO exception and so when he started saying in a very normal toned voice "this hurts mommy" I felt like it was one of his plights to get me in there to dress him, as he has tried the getting hurt approach before.
So initially I ignored the statement, but when he kept repeating it and then saying "mommy this really really does hurt." I went in his room to find this!
Umm, yeah my child is choking on his bunk bed ladder!!!!!!--(in these pictures mind you, his feet are NOT touching the ground)
SO I lifted him quickly to catch a breathe and then went and grabbed the camera..I know this was one of the more Smarter, and "good mom ideas" I have ever had.
But now when I look at these pictures-it reminds me of so many things about Ryland and my boys in general!
I like to think positively-- that IF I was unable to respond, that his shirts would have ripped before anything unthinkable happened.


THE ORMES said...

Okay . . . that Dacie is TOOOO cute.

As for Ryland, there is definitely something with those March 19 babies. That's Taylor's birthday, and she and Ryland sound like they are 2 peas in a pod. I'm glad you discovered him soon enough, but if only they'd learn to not cry wolf, it would life easier for everyone.

Trezise Momma said...

Oh gosh! Mr. Ryland is certainly giving you guys a run for your money! And Dacie, well that girl and I are kindred spirits. Gotta have a tutu to sleep in! Love it!

Emily said...

So much fun with kids huh? I'm glad he was okay. Interesting that he was so calm about slowly choking. He just knew that you'd show up and help him out of his predicament. I love not having cribs up anymore and I just potty trained my twins a couple of weeks ago. I'm so happy!!!!!!!! :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Since we know he's okay--I can say that pic was FUNNY!! Kids sure keep us on our toes huh?!