Friday, February 27, 2009

Child of the WORLD!!!

Last night-we got dinner done early (for once) and took a family field trip to the Elementary school...
To watch Colton participate in his choir concert
Child of the world!
(Colton walking in with his partner)
I really enjoyed this program. It was well written with upbeat, "makes you wanna dance" kind of music, and modern. I felt like the principles it talked/sang about were EXACTLY what I would want Colton to learn.
Colton had a speaking part, and also was able to ring the chimes. Although it was an elementary school and I did not have any expectations, I was really surprised at how involved Colton was, and how well he did.
Colton stood super straight in the back row the whole concert. He has the most beautiful big hands and long fingers and did the sign language part of the song precisely. The signing looked "beautiful" (if you could use that word to describe a boy) because of that. When it was his turn to ring the bells--He stood perfectly straight and would ding the bell and then hold the rod out properly in between dings. (refer to picture below--far right). He spoke clearly and into the microphone for his part-he even had to bend his head quite a bit down to reach the microphone (because it had been set low).
I know this may all sound lame and like I am bragging. But you have to understand Colton is pretty complacent about most things in his life, and it was surprising to me to see how natural and perfect he looked. I felt like he stood out because he stood so straight, did everything so precisely and opened his mouth wide while singing. He followed exactly what he was told. It was a testimony to me that he listens and is a good kid.
My sister turned to me and said, "wouldn't it be funny if you ended up with a singing music boy instead of a sports one, and you were so into sports?" It would be ironic, but I do have to say he looked more natural singing than he does playing basketball up to this point. I would be happy to have him excel in anything, right now we are just trying to figure out what that will be, his nitch and passion.
Colton also looked so grown up standing there.It made me wonder where time had gone. I still remember him being my little toddler. That image of him will forever be stuck in my mind AND when I look up and see the man he is becoming it floors me...where has time gone?
Although Daddy got stuck at work until 6:50pm and missed the concert (he was heartbroken). The kids were SUPER good (thanks to Aunt Cara who came too)... and I could tell that it meant the world to Colton to find us and point out his baby sister dancing on my lap to his friends.

So here is to PROUD MOMMA moments AND COLTON!!!!!!!!


Emily said...

It sounds as if he did an amazing job! You have every reason and right to be proud and to brag! With regards to the comments you left on my blog.... The stamp camp that I have gone to WERE at Carla's house. My sisters keep telling me that I should have stamp camps since I have been selling Stampin Up since 2002. :) But I don't really enjoy sales. . . I even sell Cookie Lee jewelry (for almost 2 years) I just never do parties or anything. So do you go to the stamp camps at Carla's ever? It would be tons of fun to see you there. :)

Candy H said...

How fun to see your children perform. Your kids are getting so big. Love reading your blog.

Trezise Momma said...

I can only imagine how great Colton was! Sounds like he is a natural. One of the best things about being a momma is bragging about how awesome our kids are. Your kids are AWESOME, so brag away, girl!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh how cute--I bet it was so awesome to see him up there doing so well. Way to go Colton--and YAY for proud mama moments!