Saturday, February 7, 2009


My friend did this on her blog and I thought it was funny! You just google "(Your First Name) needs" and check out the first ten links that come up! It can be pretty funny and sometimes true, as you can see! Here's mine...

1. Alicia needs...more funky beats & innovative tunes in her music (TRUE)
2. Alicia numbers (NOT true- I spend too much time on the phone as it is)
3. Alicia sponsor a cat ( TRUE-only if I can kill it after it poops on our lawn-this one was ironic really...NOT TRUE)
4. Alicia needs...a new home (ABSOLUTELY TRUE, 4 kids in 1550 sq. feet-- need I say more?...but really I am content)
5. Alicia needs...a fresh class president slogan (NOPE! NOT TRUE been out of school for TOO LONG)
6. Alicia apologize for a conceited comment (TRUE-this one goes out to my pokeeno game night gals)
7. Alicia help central salaries (TRUE, if it is my husbands salary!)
8. Alicia face EVERYDAY life with a smile (TRUE!!!)
9. Alicia find $ to pay for her last semester (TRUE--no student loans would solve #4)
10. Alicia needs..a new bike (TRUE, I am all about new forms of exercise and AZ winters ROCK!)


The Travis' said...

This is too funny!!! I will have to try it!!
Hope things are going good with you and your family!!
Talk to you later.

123sonsMom said...

Love the things that came up!

Emily said...

This one sounds fun. . . I think I may do this one. :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

hahaha--what a crack-up!!! Go get your funky beats & sponsor a cat Alicia--you need them! =)