Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It was a LATE night for Dan and I-we took our valentines date on Friday the 13th (b/c there was youth dance on V-day that Dan and I were chaperoning) Dan got us a babysitter (that is 2 weeks in a row now!! wahoo) and we went to try out a new restaurant that came highly recommended. It so happened that you were suppose to make reservations at this place (unbeknownest to us) and they were serving their 6 course Valentines meal that evening. They squoze us in, and what was going to be a normal dinner out..turned into a fancy valentines dinner for 2. You have to understand that places like these are RARE around these parts. It felt special and was super yummy. I was grateful for it.
Things have been touch and go physically and harmonallysince the miscarriage and this evening was one of those HARD nights (too much info..sorry) The dinner was able to throw me out of the funk I had found myself in.
THEN DAN voluntarily took me to a "chic flick" at the theaters (confessions of a shopaholic) IT was a GREAT, clean, uplifting and fun movie. It had much more depth than I thought it would. I was pleasantly surprised.It was a PERFECT girls valentines dream night--with my eternal HoTtIE who held my hand...to boot! I LOVED it!
After our late evening the kids awoke bright and early the next morning to our traditional simple gifts and home-made sugar cookies!
Colton had double-header basketball games..so Dacie and I went and ran errands (taking presents to the HIGLEYS) and watched some of his games. Dacie wore her heart shirt, heart antennas, and heart jewelry quite proudly wherever we went!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying daddy home, and setting up a new computer airmore we bought from a friend of mine!

Fun Fridays movies and pizza night got pushed back to Saturday evening, and we found the place in town who makes heart shaped PIZZAS so we could enjoy that as a family-Then we opened all our Valentines bags we had made for FHE on Monday evening. It was so sweet to open the tender Valentines we had all made each other and how even the simplest of comments made us smile. It was great Family LOVE!
Then Aunt Cara (we heart auntie Cara too) came over and watched the movie with the kids while....
Dan and I went to take our old airmore and crib to the trash, got a drink and read newspapers by the fireplace at the wildflower bread company...AND finally ended our evening at the youth dance we were helping chaperone at the Sedona chapel. Dan was really trying to drag his feet getting to the dance (as dancing is NOT his thing) BUT we got there FINALLY.... AND had the most fun we have EVER had at a dance! Dan danced!!!!
The ward who was in charge did a phenomenal job, the had blowing bubbles as you walked in, they had covered all the hall lights with pink, the gym was lined with black lights and everyone had glow bracelets, they dropped balloons, had a chocolate fountain (when Dan was not dancing this is where he was) and a table FULL of fancy desserts, gave out prizes, played dancing games and contests, had music videos playing while you danced, handed out pink whoppers at the end, and then put icing hearts all over the car windows in the parking lot while we were dancing!! I had a BLAST dancing with the girls and Natalie Taylor (my friend and fellow stake YW president). It was so rejuvenating...and I was NOT even sore the next day! SWEET!!! It was a great HEART weekend for our family for sure--
Hope you ALL got our LOVE letter to to you!!!


Jentry said...

How cute!
K how were you not sore?! I was SO sore the next day, and the day after that from the dance! haha
It was fun though, and you my lady are a fantastic dancer!! :)

Trezise Momma said...

How sweet. What neat memories for your Valentine's Day this year, and kudos to Dan for the dancing and chick flick!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a fun Valentine's Day!!! You have such cute family traditions--love it!! The dance in Sedona sounded ROCKIN!! Glad you had a good time.

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

you guys are so good about your holidays! sounds like your weekend was GREAT! i miss the kiddos.

Emily said...

Valentines Day DOES sound like it's a big thing for you. Amazing all the things you do. I want to step it up a notch or two next year. I'm glad you're doing better, although i didn't know you were having a hard time. I'm sorry about that. You know, I've said it to myself more than once. . . the four of us should go out sometime. I know I may annoy the two of you, but I think you guys are great and I would have fun. :) Let me know if you think you can stand to have an evening out with us. :)

Dawn said...

looks like you had a BUSY and fun Valentines! sorry I missed sending the kids one...I feel bad! Dacie is adorable in those pictures! I'm really proud of Dan for dancing...sounds like a fun party. thanks for reminding him to call the other night...I figure that's what wives are for...a small part of our "responsibilities"...hope you're feeling better. Give all the kids a kiss for Grandma!

Angie said...

You are such a cute mom!!
I love the heart pizzas, too.