Monday, February 7, 2011

Christmas in PHOENIX

SO THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS we hurried and packed a family of 5 to head down to PHOENIX for a SORENSEN FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT.
This was Dawnsters Christmas Plea...I am always a BIG fan of GREAT PICTURES!
(Luckily, Russ Married a professional SELENA!)
so I was willing to make the sacrifice of packing and gathering our entire clan during the holiday chaos to get down to the valley

We also headed down to the valley so that Dan could get his torn miniscus (3 tears) repaired.
We used all our holiday vacation days for him to have surgery and post-op healing.
The sexy gown and stockings!
Dan's pre-surgery shaved and pretty knee
Dan's post-op bruised and "dr. signed" knee
I was so ready for a traumatic recovery with me taking on allot of responsibility. BUT Dan was so BRAVE. I think he took 2 pain pills the whole recovery and was walking on it the very day.
He now faithfully attends the gym daily and rehabs it. The swelling did cause him to lose allot of muscle, but it feels much better then it did!
SOOO while we stayed down there we made a holiday of it!
We had a Sorensen Family Talent Show for Family Home Evening.
Colton played the guitar
The girl cousins did a whirling, swirling, twirling dance dressed as princesses.
Ryland break danced all over the family room floor
Sterling played the piano
I showed the picture video I had made of Sterling's life for his baptism earlier that month
People SURVIVE Phoenix Summers for their winters
we got quite a few days of happy weather (before a serious cold front swept in)
so we played at the neighborhood park before Dan became a "gimp".
Rhett was out of sorts on and off the entire vacation. I thought it might be because of sleeping arrangements...BUT we returned to Cottonwood with 5 NEW TEETH!
Colton got plenty of play time on his new Santa remote control car.

We made the classic graham cracker gingerbread houses.Sterling's gingerbread house
Ryland's "HI" house (check out the fence)
Mom's patriotic masterpiece-with a fire in the frontLola's Lovely
Dacie's Cute cottage
(we don't have a picture of Colton's house because he promptly ATE IT!)
We celebrated NEWY YEARS as wellwith a firecracker show from Grandpa's stash...
the boys stayed up until midnight and then we ran outside to join the entire neighborhood for more firecrackers and NOISE!

(can you tell who did not like the LOUD firecrackers?)

IT WAS a GREAT DESERT RETREAT! back to the daily grind!

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~Diana~ said...

The family photos are AMAZING!!! Your family is beautiful and your photography is very talented!