Friday, March 5, 2010

Concerts and Derby's and Bedtimes...OH MY!!

So last night was one of our BUSIER nights FOR SURE!!
Colton's extracurricular school choir had their BIG concert (and I left my camera sitting on the computer-so the program will have to do).
The choir has begun to get a little bit more popular and they have 40 singers. The choir leader has little parental support (except the regulars who are trying to run the PTO, and volunteering in the classes, field trips, etc. so they have little to give)
BUT despite the lack of help the choir director decided to put on a full on anti-drug production with lights, fog machines, microphones, choreography, singing, parts, etc. It was a CUTE show BUT with large numbers and her doing it solo was very beginner and you had to look and listen past allot!
HOWEVER we enjoyed watching Colton show no emotion (he is not a performer) but do everything absolutely precise...even to the point he was counting on his hand the number of speakers who gave their parts before him!
He got to stand on a ladder most the time (I think it is because he was one of the only ones who would not wiggle or talk his way off of it by accident!)
He also had a performance earlier that day too!
*Cara and John came to it too. Thank heavens, because Uncle John was the "toys" and ended up entertaining the kids in the back of the gym. I did however look back to find Dacie dangling in the air, by one arm off of the full size school basketball hoop...thanks to Uncle Johns throwing abilities!!!!
So we went straight from there and ran over to the church for Colton's pinewood derby!
I was so proud of these two (Dan and Colton)...they were up late the night before the derby putting on weights and painting! Dan gave up his lunches to run to the post office and practice run on the track!
Colton running on the left
Colton running on the right

Colton's winning car on the left
the brackets
Ryland and McKell cheering on the derbies
Colton right
Colton finally losing to some of our favorite people...the Taylors (if you notice Colton closing his eyes hoping to net see his car lose)
Colton won for his bracket (we have quite a LARGE group of boys as we have most of Cottonwood) and went on to the "championships" where we proudly placed 4th our first year running!~ the winning was just a bonus for all the work they put into it!
Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen even scored some serious COOL Grandparent points and drove up from Phoenix, after a long day of work...just to come watch!
Our night of obligations finally ended at 9:20pm
The kids were in bed about 10:00pm (after quite a few tears over some serious silly things)
I have NO ENERGY today
and we are grateful for Little Ceaser's $5 pizza!!!!


Dawn said...

the first of many yet to come! so glad we could be there...hope you have a more relaxing day today!

The Gordon Bunch said...

That picture is so cute of Ryland and McKell. Good times!!