Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

The first of March always rolls around and my kiddos get super excited because they know their day to wear pajamas to school is fast approaching. On Tuesday March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's, the famous children's author's, birthday and therefore has been deemed "Read Across America Day".
The elementary school always makes it a fun day. The kids obviously get to wear pajamas, and bring stuffed animals, slippers and blankets to school. Then the parents get to come for a breakfast of green eggs and Ham (also wearing pajamas...thank heavens) while watching "Horton hears a Who"...only to go into the kids classes and read with them for an hour. This year was NO EXCEPTION for the Sorensen Household. BUT since there are 2 kids and one of me--Sterling got mom in the class, and I swung by Colton's for a kiss on the way out (after all, I was just in Colton's class all afternoon Friday helping with his class store!). The rest of the day they have "guest" teachers (including the principal) come into all the classes to read them books all day.
Ryland's preschool even got in on the fun and he got to wear pj's and read Dr. Seuss all day too...he LOVES doing ANYTHING like his brothers!
Unfortunately....I forgot my camera that morning! Well, Playgroup landed the day after on March 3rd AND we did not let this opportunity pass us by!!
The kids all made Dr. Seuss hats (out of oatmeal cans, glue, ribbon, paper, and felt) and decorated cupcakes
It had been a rough morning for us so I was not even sure we were going to make it....
BUT we did...and I AM GLAD!

Here is my cute friend Nat and her girls (and of course Dacie's bud, Lily) who headed up the creative playgroup-she always does a FAB job!


Thanks for giving us another reason to celebrate!


Aaron & Jayme said...

Oh I loved celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday back in elementary! I haven't thought about it in years, BUT I actually won a drawing/coloring contest, (anything that had to do with Dr. Suess, drawn freehand) back in 6th grade, who woulda thought!

Tamara said...

So... just because I am the spelling snob/nazi I feel it's important to point out that it's a CRIME that the school spelled "Seuss" wrong!!!!!! hahahaha! oops!

And I am so bummed... this is the first year my kids haven't gotten to have a pajama read-a-thon Dr. Seuss day. You're never too old for Dr. Seuss!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Oh Tamara- That was not the school that was my friend who organized preschool. AND I bet she would be quick to fix the problem if she had noticed!!! ha ha ha Dan is a spelling nazi too!