Monday, March 15, 2010

I got me a GIRL!

Every MoM should have her one of these (if it is meant to be)
Dacie's new outfit of choice is her leotard
& begging for dance classes
picking her own picture poses & accessories

( the pictures below were taken on a different day... notice the leotard still)
AND she plays with some of my old PRETTY PONIES (from when I was a little girl)
for HOURS!!!

IT IS sugar and spice and everything nice!


Hey There Adair said...

So I was thinking when it said "I got me a GIRL" That you had your baby and it was a GIRL and not a BOY but Daci is a really cute GIR:!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

when i first read the title of this post i thought maybe you had another ultrasound or something and found out you were having a girl!! im not gonna lie (haha), it got me a little excited.
we love dacie!! seriously, i wish we lived by eachother. lola and dacie would be bff. lola loves her ponies and dress ups. seriously, if you can figure out a way to get dacie up here, we would LOVE for her to come stay with us. are you guys planning on any trips up here this summer?

Anne said...

First of all, I can't believe you still have your my little ponies! But that is so cool that she loves them! Who knew my little ponies could become a family heirloom! And, why am I not getting christmas cards from you for the last few years???? Am I off your list? You're getting ours, right?

Trezise Momma said...

Cute!! Dacie, we just love you, Girl!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

She's darling, Alicia! Some day we've got to get our kids together, before Dallin and Colton enter the MTC together.

Jen said...

She is seriously adorable!!!! I love that you kept your pretty ponies.

Allison Barry said...

YOU NAMED YOUR BABY RHETT?!?!?!? I Am SUCH a fan. He is so darling going by that picture to the right!!! Congrats!

Russell & Johanna Anderson said...

hey missy. I've started a blog and I really don't know how to get people to know uther than this way. So add me to your list or what ever you do and this will keep us connected a little better. Hope the baby and you and family are well.
Hey p.s. have you heard of swooshing your blog??? and how do you get music on it????

Anonymous said...

You are right, everyone needs at least ONE girl, don't think I could handle more than one, haha. Loved your family letter, your baby boy is gorgeous!!! I hope you guys are doing well : )

Amy and the boys said...

sigh. nothing to say. im ok with it. til i see all the purttty clothes. :D