Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Spring Break 2010

Spring Break was March 15-19th
Knowing that the baby would be arriving at anytime...we decided to do some FUN things around our house! Dan helped make our Family Home Evening Dessert a literal DUMP CAKE as he accidentally dumped it all over the oven when taking it out.
That took a few good cleanings to get the burnt smell out!
We made S'mores twice

...and camped out in the backyard twice.
The only kids to make it through the night in the tent were Colton and Sterling
We celebrated ST. PATTY's DAY!
Lem the Leprechaun visited us that morning

We had a SUPER FUN St. Patty's Day party for playgroup
We played "who has the gold"
DECKED ourselves out in green...including green hairspray

Colton and his friend Jordan won "King and Queen Leprechaun" for wearing the most green
They even went on a treasure/scavenger hunt and found gold under the rainbow,
as well as being told some leprechaun tales under the tree
Due to an UNFORESEEN arrival of Rhett
Ryland got a birthday party the night before his real birthday
Sooo that Dan and I could celebrate with him before we had to return to the hospital
and give Ryland a brother for his birthday!
Aunt Cara continued the festivities the next day with bowling and a trip to McDonald's

Definitely a spring break with LOTS TO CELEBRATE!!!!

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Chelle said...

Where do you get that endless amount of energy and can I have some??!! I love the St Patrick's Day terror that came through your house. What a fun idea!