Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas FuN!!!

Since Santa came to our home this morning, AND everyone is off playing with presents~I thought I would take a few minutes and do what I enjoy...blogging!
Wednesday December 16th's Playgroup Santa payed us a visit!!! He arrived while the kids were doing crafts!
Here is Dacie and Ryland showing off their reindeer candy canes!!
Dacie went sprinting to him when he came in the room, and promptly attached herself to his leg.
Then when he picked her up she just laid her head on his shoulder and patted his back.
She was smitten....when he left to go back home and get ready for Christmas later, she cried!

The crafts were by far Ryland's FAVORITE thing, well maybe....since he did get 4 pieces of pizza at the end!
(Thanks to our gracious hostess Brenda who always goes ALL OUT for this activity)

This Santa is REAL...he has always been our favorite!!!
Ryland informed him that he wanted a stuffed animal BUT NOT a teddy bear because he does not like them-ha ha ha
Visions of sugar plums danced in our heads that night!

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