Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

So this past Saturday 12/5 we went to our annual event and attended the City Christmas parade. As My borther put it one year when visiting...this is the longest parade EVER!
I don't mind, and the kids certaily don't mind the loot they come away with.
It was quite chilly even for the human heater (me) ! However we met up with Aunt Cara and had plenty of warm layers and blankets to keep us warm!
I usually am allot better about taking pictures...but I wasn't much in the mood!
Here are the few picts. we did get- the Yavapai Apache Nation royalty float
and some bikers from the bikers club!
Dan was super disappointed we did not take a picture of the live (little girl) mother Guadalupe (sp?) on the Mexican float!
The cold weather has continued today Monday 12/8 ad the rain and snow flurries have set in
Just in time for preschool to be at our house!
The kids love going outside and playing together as we have scheduled playtime, and were begging me to let them go out today
FINALLY we went out and petted Sterling's rabbits for a wet minute or two, since we were learning about the letter "R"
The rest of the day was learning about the Gingerbread Man (making our own with circle decorations and cirlce eyes), learning about the color brown (decorating our own brown gingerbread houses with round candy)
It turned out well and we only had to replace a mjority of the toys in one room and half in the other.
Ryland really stepped up in helping me today and being my preschool made me fall in love with him and his tender help w/ the "babies" (is what he calls them)!

So grab your jackets and hAuL out the hOlLy!

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Charlotte King said...

I love how few clothes you have on for a freezing day. Send your Arizona cold north. Pretty Please.