Monday, September 14, 2009

We're going to the chapel...

Dan and I went to a wedding for a co-worker and his family (that we have known since we moved here)-Saturday night in Sedona.
Since my sister Amberlyn is now living in Cottonwood while she makes a life change, I had 3 babysitters (John, Cara and Amberlyn) for the 4 kids: the odds were pretty good!
AND since it was raining "cats and dogs" outside...they decided to hold a coloring contest indoors.
The theme was "A Wedding", since that is where their parents were!
I had to laugh when I got home and saw the 4 was so classic of who they are:Dacie in her red "pink" pen with her infamous scribbles. There is people getting married and a cat somewhere in there (the circles towards the top)
Ryland included the temple (upper right) I think to make up for the story that went along with the picture. The guy to the far left came to the wedding naked so the yellow blobs below, is someone running to go get him clothes. The bottom right is a cake on a table
Notice the way he makes the "R" at the beginning of his name!

Sterling is going to be the best husband. He is a sensitive, romantic dude by nature. If you look closely you can see the couple holding hands, he is giving her flowers, and it comes complete with a candlelight dinner (in the middle of the day-ha ha). The guy has tails on his tux and the girl comes complete with a train.

Colton stuck with the classic fairytale weddings. There are birds carrying the girls train (we know this happens in real life right?!) Hearts in between the two appear, and the cake topper comes complete w/ a bride and groom

The rest of the day I hooked the sisters into canning 20 pounds of peaches with me!!!

Gotta LOVE Saturdays!!!


Tamara and Jonathan said...

hahaha, I LOVE these. Too funny!!! :)

Trezise Momma said...

I love their wedding pictures, especially the temple in Ryalnd's!

Katie said...

Your kids are so stinkin' CUTE! I love weddings, so I love these pics. Plus, I share a November bday with one of your boys, right? Maybe the romantic one? ;)

The Montez Family said...

I love kids drawings!!! A couple of years ago Dallin took paper (a lot of it) and drew his body parts (traced all of them) I laughed sooo hard:)

booboo said...

We canned 20 pounds of peaches?! We rock!! The drawing contest was a blast. I'm already working on the next drawing contest theme!! Hehehe!!

Angie said...

I LOVE Ryland's "R".