Friday, September 4, 2009

Our STAR Children!

So the week before last Sterling and Colton came home announcing that they had both been picked as STAR Students that week at school.
Unbeknownst to them they were both picked the same week and thought it was pretty cool to get called up at the assembly together!
This was sweet closure for Sterling as the following week he was moved into another classroom. Sterling was moved into a 1st & 2nd grade combo class. They had to take the top 10 first grade students and mix them with 10, 2nd graders. Sterling's original teacher felt his academic needs would be better fulfilled in that class. We were on board with it as Colton had both of the teachers as team teachers in 1st and we loved them both!
Colton got his star student award for being the top AR (a reading program) student in his class so far..he has really just taken off with it. He also helped others in his class who were falling behind.
That kind of day is sweet music to a mothers heart!
In celebration I let the kids watch Coraline in 3-D (which we had to turn off in the middle of for content, might I ad, at the request of Colton...yeah! My kids are making good choices)
It was pretty cool to wear the we went to Dairy Queen for family home evening instead!

SOME OTHER STAR FEATS that followed suit were:
(I know, I know some of you are shocked my 8 yr. old did not know how...but I am impressed he learned to do it on gravel, since we do not have a paved road in front)
It only took one night! It is easier waiting!

In order to get a prize in class!
Sterling is relentless (and teary with frustration) when he puts his mind to something AnD...RYLAND STARTED PRE-SCHOOL
at another local elementary school
I was hoping to put DACIE WAS TOILET TRAINED...
That was put on hold--look forward to that in OCTOBER
The Chores of MOTHERHOOD are NEVER-ENDING!!!!!


My Lucky Day said...

Hello Cousin! I'm teaching a 1st/2nd split this year. I love it! However, the way my students were assigned were they had to be independent workers.

Ian said...

Your children are superstars. That is great that they are doing so good. They are growing so fast! I loved your post about the cereal because we are in the same boat. I have a really hard time not buying cereal for storage when it goes on sale and I use my extra coupons. Steve could not believe how much cereal we had. You are great! it looks like everything is going good in Cottonwood, we miss you guys so much.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Who is this? I know I know you...but Ian?

Trezise Momma said...

What a week for the Sorensen family! That is so neat that your boys were "stars" together! We already knew that though. I think we will skip Coraline though. I saw the previews and was hesitant. Now I know. Thanks Colton!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh I bet you are so proud of them--and rightfully so!! You do have star children...I'm still amazed at the Sunday sitting...even if it was just for a short while. =)