Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soccer Season has Started!!!

So Ryland got his chance for his first team sport this fall...soccer!!!!
Ryland is the only Sorensen boy to "grace" the fields this season- ha ha.
Potentially having 2 more boys, on 2 more different teams (as they would have been in different age categories-all w/ games at the SAME time) we opted for a little bit CALMER Saturday mornings and considered what was "good, better and best" for our family
We thought Ryland would be our kid to "get it" in sports. He scored 2 goals the first game BUT has gone "down hill" since (maybe that is because mommy has taken him to his last 2 games)
He sat on the sideline crying that he did not want to play anymore last game....
maybe soccer is NOT the Sorensen sport?!!!!
Soccer Anyone?

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