Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

After helping teach the Relief Society lesson for a sick teacher.
We started getting ready for Cara and I to host August's pokeno night at my house-the theme was "Mom's Back to School Night"

The "mom's" brought the teacher apples, braided their hair, brought late excuse notes, and even wore backpacks!!
We did a back to school drive and took the "goods" over to the local mission
We packed brown dinner lunches and treats
and we had green apple cupcakes for dessert!(thanks Sister Socwell)

Then that weekend we headed down to Phoenix so we could go to a Diamondbacks game with Dan's work!
Dacie stayed with Aunt Amberlyn at Grandpa Sorensen's house while the boys, Dan and I headed over to the game
We had THE COOLEST seats...all you could eat popcorn,hot dogs, peanuts, chips, soda and water!!
It was our own cool little section with allot cooler seats
Dan says we are never going back to regular seats again!!!
We played the Houston Astros (our alma mater) but they got beat pretty badly (sorry Mangums) by the D-backs (our home town team).
After the beating we got to watch a live Montgomery Gentry country concert.
(The boys moved closer to get a better view)
AND after that, we watched a fireworks show.
It was GREAT to pay for a game, concert, fireworks and food for the price of one ticket!! SWEET!
That Monday we had Dacie's preschool at our house...
We dug for dinosaurs (and then fed them play-doh), walked our neighbors dog, played lucky duck,found hidden letter D's at the house, ate was DARLING!
This group of kids are so darn cute. I wish I could tape record all their sweet little voices- ha ha
It was parent teacher conferences that week
AND it was our last week of watching our good friends Tej and Pheobe after school.
We will miss our game buddies (and mom's fun money)
BY the TIME LABOR DAY rolled around...
I was S-I-C-K!!! this is how I spent our labor day weekend.
Flat in bed, trying to breathe, eat, and sleep (with little success)
We did however manage to have the missionaries over for dinner and Dan bar-b-q'd...(too bad I could not taste the steaks!!)
We also showed the house 3x's that week!!!
NOW we are having an open house/yard sale the next 3 days~substituting in primary, giving talks in visiting wards for stake assignments
I guess I am use to life not slowing down much for anyone huh?
Well here is to Lovin' and Livin' our LIFE's!!!!!


Angie said...

LOVIN' the preschool ideas. Are you scouring the web, do you have a site or two that help with the cute ideas, or do you come up with them on your own?

I know I've said this before, but I totally wish I could be part of your fun group of friends! You guys do the greatest things!

Jen said...

Are you speaking in Sedona Ward? I hope so!!! How fun would that be (for me anyway). :0)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

OH WOW--super busy week for sure! LOVE the Pokeno pics...what creative gals you are!! And thanks for the pre-school pics--you did SUCH a great job!!!