Thursday, November 18, 2010


A few years earlier....

One day it is my dream to have a beautiful flower garden worthy of Better Homes and Garden pictures. Where I can be old and wear a huge sun hat and piddle around in it in the mornings and the evenings. I have always had a bit of a gardening bug in my blood!
BUT until that kind of time is realistic in my life, I am satisfied with trying my hand at it a little bit here and there.

This year I planted some morning glories and I forgot the other flower name from seeds and enjoyed watching the fruits of my labors
I also took a mum plant I got as a Thank You from Coltons' teacher and gave it a nice home by the other flowers. As they have bloomed and grown I have enjoyed a little bit of color in my corner of the Arizona desert.
(This is what they look like even in the cold- taken this week!)
I also re-painted this bench and was in the process of adding a handprint stone walk way of all the kids to the bench, until the before named kids broke most of them! aargh!

A few years ago I also planted some Irises (at the top) around the yard and have enjoyed watching them as an ever growing beautiful spring border each spring....



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Trezise Momma said...

Beautiful flowers!! I am a bit jealous of your gardening skills, but not enough to get my hiney outside and try to grow some things myself! You will look great when you get older, piddling around in your garden with a big brimmed straw hat.