Tuesday, November 16, 2010


AND after all the festivities have ended and you drag your tired, sugared out crew through the door, what greets you?
A HURRICANE of preperation mess!
Make-up Studios, and Costume Making have crept to every flat surface of your home!
Your costume tub has erupted like a volcanoe in your home, and costumes are flung all over.
AND you could not find brown spray hair paint so you died your 2 boys hair with temporary die, and its not so temporary as you think-your once toe-head is NOW a flaming red head!
SOOO You roll up your sleeves and clean every moving and non-moving thing in the house-- with scrubbing, vacuuming, bathing, spraying, packing, folding
& when that is done is when
HALLOWEEN is officially OVER! (still one of my favoritest holidays!)
We WON'T even go into candy distribution or the amount of wrappers we find in our yard, laundry loads or kids pockets....
that's for another year!

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Amy and the boys said...

love that bath shot! too bad there's not a halloween fairy to reward us with a clean home for all the work we do for our kids on that beloved holiday!