Sunday, July 6, 2008

HaPpY 4th oF JuLy!!!

HaPPy FoUrTH oF JuLy!!!Our 4th weekend got started early for Dan and I as we got a babysitter Thursday evening and went out to dinner and a movie. It was much needed since I have been gone to Girls Camp and we have not had a second to 'catch up' with each other.
Friday the 4th dawned early in our household (as usual) and we all dressed in our red, white, and blues -- went to the local small town's (Clarkdale) parade, and watched some of our friends with their decorated bikes. It is a small little parade and even had painted horses and their hoofs,etc. Of course some of the bikers threw us candy!
Then we went to the park and played some of little booth games they had set up, and won little prizes (which incidentally we have found all over our house the last 2 days) while the local band played patriotic songs.

It got cloudy for monsoons that afternoon and so we had a pleasant bar-b-q on the front porch that evening. While our neighbor across the street did a little display of illegal fireworks for us!

While we waited for it to get real dark--we played on the newly mowed front lawn for awhile.

FINALLY it got dark and we headed up the hill (since we live down by the river) and watched the Cottonwood fireworks show (which I have always been really impressed with). We just pulled over on the side of the road and set up some chairs. We opted out of our normal spot at a friends (the Taylor's) home backyard, as they have it up for sale and we had not contacted them. I did miss that prime spot a bit. Our sweet (and tipsy) neighbor joined us in his truck a little bit later and the boys enjoyed a higher view from the bed of it!

It was a perfect day of relaxation, sun, heat, bar-b-q's and fireworks.... until that evening when Dan had a run in with a skunk (look at post above) Happy Birthday America!!!


Fringers said...

I am glad to know that Derick was not the only one who did his own diplay of fireworks!

Aaron & Jayme said...

At our firework show, there were so many people putting up the big illegal ones, we couldn't figure out which was the city's show!

Emily said...

We had been up on Mingus mountain that evening but arrived just in time for the Cottonwood fireworks. The finale was the most beautiful I have ever seen. There seemed to be every color in existence sparkling in the sky that night!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Your yard looks AWESOME!! I haven't seen it since it's been done. Looks like you guys had a SUPER FUN 4th!