Thursday, July 31, 2008

While the Kids are Away the Mom's (and baby's) Will Play!

It was a unique situation this summer for Grandma's Camp! Almost my entire family besides my brothers (Chad and Kelby) and I, are in Sacramento--they either live there or are working there for the summer. Since us 3 (of the 9) are the ones with the kids--we all were traveling to Sacramento for Grandma's camp, OR my brothers Eagle Court of Honor. We just happened to ALL meet up at one point. The ones who were around for the week of Grandma's camp played while my parents entertained the grand kids (except the diaper babies). So played we did!
(I can't help myself from kissing all these babies! I LOVE LOVE LOVE chubby cheeks... hanging w/ our cool SIL Beth, who braved it without her hubby!)
We certainly swam! Which continued to be a trend after Grandma's camp as well. With 2 sisters that live in apartments w/ pools and work-out rooms-we capitalized on their amenities! I did get a day in the fitness room child-less as well! My boys would NOT need swim lessons if we had access to a pool any hours we wanted as we did there! They progressed by leaps and bounds, and would play for HOURS in the pool!

Dacie certainly got the attention she desired-she had me and a plethora of Aunts and Uncles to give her complete attention!

(Dacie excited to be included in on the fun w/ her own dice and Crazay hair!)

We ate at the cheesecake factory, gave each other pedicures and watched a chic flick (at Mindy's apartment) one night!

(Brother Shaun getting to the best part!)
Then the next night we met up at my sister Amberlyn's town home and had a girls game night (like Pokeeno). We made up our own version of pokeeno (Bingo) by having a blank bingo sheet and filling in names of our family members by answering questions -the worst driver in the fam, next to get married, best dressed, etc.! Then we went around and answered until they got BINGO! OF COURSE we all brought $10 prizes and could win or trade them as the night ensued. My sister Amberlyn made us and Argentine dinner that she learned to make on her miss, and it was YUM!
Probably one of the funniest things about the evening is Dacie's super BIG aversion to Dolls that open and close their eyes. My sisters room mate had a doll that had eyes that opened and closed. Dacie is a fan of carrying around dolls...but when the eyes moved on this one she FREAKED! She scream and threw the doll-it was really quite funny. So being the nice gals that we are...we tried to get the same reaction on film and the results are below...not quite as drastic as the original reaction, BUT she certainly wants NOTHING to do with the doll after poking the eyes. At one point she even slaps the doll-ha ha ha check out the videos below

(This is a classic picture of my sister Mindy-she is absolutely passionate about what she talks about, I think she was trying to explain the game that someone was NOT getting-ha ha ha-Mindy you got busted!)

The third night we met at Cara's apartment and had ice cream Sundays (bring your most creative topping!) and played games!

Of course my family has to find something to destroy or play with and they had a night of pyro's with my sisters candles she had lit...we're so weird!(The beloved game of Dominoes Busted out! )
We had a week of it for sure--Now on to the Crazy Weekend!!!!!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh those videos are hilarious! You can tell she DEFINITELY doesn't want ANYTHING to do with that doll--too funny!