Monday, July 5, 2010


Allot of birthdays happen to fall during the Spring Time.
SO for playgroup some smart mom's combined their birthday parties with playgroup
(smart one gets left out, plenty of people for fun-however, lots of people=loads of work)
They had super cute party themes to boot. One mom hired a magician and provided pizza and serious yummies. This birthday party had a Curious George theme- it was darn cute!
The dad even dressed up like the man in the yellow hat
They let the kids get curious and had bubbles, shaving cream, water...
it was one of the few times I got out during the springtime (after having Rhett) and it was a perfect, happy, spring day
It was celebrating some of Dacie's favorite preschool pals as it was just a fun, messy, happy kinda' day!

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