Saturday, July 3, 2010

End of Year Concerts the next little while I am going to be playing catch-up! As many of you are well aware Colton participated in an extra-curricular school choir this last the end of the year brought lots of concerts with his choir as well as his grade performances!
This "celebrate you and me" concert was for his grade, and one day his music teacher called me and asked if Colton had told me that he was going to be the MC for the whole production.
Of course, he had not told me,
I was a bit surprised...but started getting him ready with all his speaking parts and suit.
That kid surprised me!
He looked like such a little man and acted like one as well
(except for when he had to go to the bathroom! ha ha)
I was amazed that he had wanted that part and then did such a great job making jokes and everything.

This concert (below) was for his choir and they even came out in the audience during the performance and danced..he is not super animated and seems a bit reserved but does what he is asked precisely. I love that kid!

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