Thursday, July 9, 2009


While many ladies are worrying about other women or work vying for their husband's affection
This would be MY COMPETITION!!!
Dan's 4th of JuLy was made when this was the first thing we saw at the parade.
All I heard was a huge intake of air escaping Dan's mouth (which I am sure was the same response he gave the first time he saw me in person) and I wondered what in the world could cause Dan to do that, because he usually is quite CALM (especially in BIG situations)
I looked across the street and then I knew....

That's all right-- he can't fit his long legs into that thing!!!

Sorry, Lotus Elise HE'S TAKEN!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aaron gets excited about cars too, must be a guy thing:)

kk Leilani said...

the gasping decription made me laugh

Chelle said...

I showed my honey the pic and he exclaimed, "Oh good gosh!" in that whiny kinda envious voice. He is 6'3" and well, can relate. Oh well... His love was the Lotus until he recently discovered the Austin Healy. Man oh man. Heaven help us women.

Trezise Momma said...

Will was lusting after the Lotus when he saw it at the parade too. His dreams were dashed when I pointed out the length of his legs, and the teeny size of the car! All well.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WOW--that's ONE fancy car. Dan would be turning heads all over in Cottonwood driving that thing around =)


Ha! Maybe he should buy one of those and slap on a license plate:


Alicia's man I mean.

Nice car!!!!!!!

Emily said...

That is quite the car!

Marilyn said...

I rode in a Ferrari once...and there is more leg room there...I think...but it was like riding in a recliner....that was riding 6 in. above the wasn't my idea of fun.....OK and who in that little town, at that little parade...would own a Lotus??????

I bet it was a band member!